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HPES Students are Fin- tastic Test Takers! PowerPoint Presentation
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HPES Students are Fin- tastic Test Takers!

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HPES Students are Fin- tastic Test Takers! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HPES Students are Fin- tastic Test Takers!

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  1. HPES Students areFin-tasticTest Takers!

  2. What is ACT Aspire? Act Aspire is a computer-based assessment system to fully connect student performance from elementary grades through high school in the context of college and career readiness. ACT Aspire will assist parents and educators with information they need to help students get and stay on track by connecting assessment to teaching and learning. ACT Aspire is an assessment system developed to identify a student’s predicted path through individualized reporting. It highlights gaps between what students have learned and what they need to learn.

  3. What about ARMT+ Science? The Alabama Science Assessment will be given to 5th graders via paper-pencil format. The ARMT+ Science test is a multiple-choice test designed to assess 5th and 7th grade students’ mastery of Alabama state science content standards. Fifth graders are assessed in the areas of life, physical, earth, and space science. Scores are reported according to achievement levels ranging from Level I (not meeting standards to a Level IV (exceeding standards.

  4. Diving into ACT Aspire The Reading Test The Math Test • 60 minutes • 31 Questions • 22-24 Selected Response • 3-5 Technology Enhanced • 3-5 Constructed Response • 55 minutes • 31 Questions • 18-20 Selected Response • 6-8 Technology Enhanced • 5 Constructed Response

  5. Selected Response Questions- multiple choice questions. • Constructed Response Questions- open-ended questions. • Technology Enhanced Questions- computer interactions. For example, mercury rising on a thermometer. Students will see that particular action when the problem comes up.

  6. The Night Before the Test • Talk to your child about any concerns they may have. • Your family should relax and enjoy theevening. • Your child needs to go to bed on time. • Your child does not need go to bed upset or angry. • Your child should get a night’s sleep.

  7. The Morning of the Test • Start your day as you normally do. • Your child should eat a healthy breakfast. • Allow your child to wear his/her favorite comfortable clothing. • Encourage your child to have a positive attitude and do his/her best on the test. • Be sure your child is at school and on time every day during testing. • If your child wears glasses, please make sure that he/she has them for testing.

  8. Testing Schedule Monday, May 5th: 5th Grade Reading Tuesday, May 6th: 3rd Grade Reading Wednesday, May 7th: 4th Grade Reading Thursday, May 8th: Alabama Science Assessment (5th Grade ONLY) Monday, May 12th: 5th Grade Math Tuesday, May 13th: 3rd Grade Math Wednesday, May 14th: 4th Grade Math

  9. What happens if my child misses a test? It is extremely important for your child to be on time and in attendance at school every day! Teachers are assigned a date and time to complete the ACT Aspire. Please check the testing schedule to see when you child’s class will be testing. If your child misses a test, make-up tests will be given on May 8th & 9th and May 15th & 16th.

  10. For more information… To locate example test questions: Go to Scroll down to Assessment Click on the chosen subject under Exemplar Items OR Students may practice the online system using the Exemplar Items listed at Username: subject (i.e. math) Password: actaspire

  11. Michele Rogers, HPES counselor 342-2652 x3