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  1. CELLS

  2. The Cell The cell is like a night club because like a cell, the club consists of many different parts/components that work together to serve a specific purpose. The cells strive to keep our bodies functioning, like all the aspects of a club keep its business going.

  3. Nucleus The nucleus of a cell is like the owner/boss of a club. They are very similar because the nucleus controls the cell like a brain and the owner or boss controls the club and what takes place, such as how it is ran.

  4. Cell Membrane The cell membrane is like a bouncer at a club, because the bouncer controls who comes in/out of the club the same way the cell membrane controls what goes in or out of the cell. By doing this everything and everyone is exactly where it should be so that no problems occur.

  5. Cell Wall The cell wall of a cell is like the foundation of a club. Just like the cell wall provides supports for the cell (plants), the foundation of the club gives support for the building so that it doesn’t fall, making strong enough to handle elements such as the weather. As a result without that provided structure, both would collapse.

  6. Endoplasmic Reticulum The endoplasmic reticulum is just like the dances at a night club. This is because the dances there provide passages (for people to meet one another) the same way the ER forms passages for proteins to move through the cell. If these things didn’t happen, no one and nothing would be getting anywhere.

  7. Golgi Apparatus The golgi apparatus is like a waiter because a waiter ships orders to people at the night club, similar to the way the golgi apparatus packages and ships proteins for the cell. In addition, the shipment of these things in both circumstances keeps everything running smoothly.

  8. Mitochondrion The Mitochondrion is like a DJ at a club, because just like the mitochondrion produces energy within the cell, the DJ produces energy at the club with his music so that people keep dancing and having fun. Without this energy, the club and cell might shut down.

  9. Vacuole The vacuole of a cell is like a fridge at a club. The vacuole stores foodand water just like a fridge stores food and drinks. In addition, when the cell needs something, or a person needs something they can go there to get what they want or even need to have to function properly.

  10. Ribosome The ribosome of a cell is like a cook, because they both produce proteins. When the cook fixes food for the customers there are numerous proteins that the item may contain such as hot wings, a popular choice at clubs.

  11. A plant cell contains a cell wall, since it doesn’t have a bone skeleton like an animal. The animals doesn’t have vacuoles in the same way and the plant has to produce its own food through photosynthesis.