conservation of resources n.
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Conservation of resources

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Conservation of resources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Conservation of resources. Rethink, Reduce, recycle, repair. Important words. Conservation- To protect natural resources and use them carefully. Environment- Living and nonliving things that are around an organism. Waste- Not good or useful.

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Conservation of resources

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conservation of resources

Conservation of resources

Rethink, Reduce, recycle, repair

important words
Important words
  • Conservation-To protect natural resources and use them carefully.
  • Environment-Living and nonliving things that are around an organism.
  • Waste-Not good or useful.
  • Recycling-Changing waste into some thing new and useful.
  • Reduce-making less waste.
  • Reuse-Using something more than once.
  • Landfill-A public place to dump waste.
  • Pollution-things that hurt the environment.
  • Dispose-Get rid of or throw away.
conservation of resources1
Conservation of resources
  • To reuse or recycle our natural resources to save our world and keeping the animals and plants from getting extinct.
the natural resources
The natural resources
  • The natural resources are the Sun’s solar energy, the water from lakes, oceans, rivers, ponds, ice caps, and glaciers. One of the most important is the oxygen in the air we breathe. Oxygen helps us live better.

Here are some of the natural resources of the Earth.

the four r s are important
The Four R’s are important
  • The four R’s are:
    • Rethink
    • Reduce
    • Recycle
    • repair

If we do these things daily, it will help to stop oil spills, air pollution, and it will really help to improve the Earth!

new habitats
New habitats
  • This will really help the animals to get used to their new homes. If we took away their homes by cutting down trees and by dumping chemicals in the oceans, then the animals would be dying because they would have no place to live!
  • If there were no natural resources then the animals would start to die and become extinct. Then the same thing would be happening to us in the cause of no water, food, clean air, and no shelter or houses to live in.
water resources
Water resources
  • A lot of water is being wasted in ways if a lot of people take long showers or bathes, leave the water on while brushing teeth, washing hands or dishes. It is important we use water at needed times, and turn off the tap if we’re not using it.
organizing the environment
Organizing the environment
  • A way to keep our community clean is not to litter, and to pick up littered trash we see thrown on the streets. If we litter, our world will be so stinky, and absolutely NO ONE would want to live on the planet Earth, and every single human might move to Mars!
recycling electronic waste
Recycling electronic waste
  • It’s also important to recycle electronic waste. As an example, if you have a worn-out laptop, you can either use the parts to make a new electronic device, or you can also send it to a relative or a poor person needs one.
how can we help
How can we help?
  • We can help by practicing the four R’s as an everyday job. Thank you!