natural resources energy conservation n.
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Natural Resources & Energy Conservation PowerPoint Presentation
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Natural Resources & Energy Conservation

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Natural Resources & Energy Conservation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Natural Resources & Energy Conservation
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  1. Natural Resources &Energy Conservation

  2. WARM U P: • Update your Table of Contents for today! • Write homework – have it stamped! – VERY IMPORTANT ASSIGNMENT! • Get your Natural Resource/Energy Vocab definitions out to be checked if I did not check them before break!

  3. Energy Vocab Quick Check • Complete the Energy “Quiz” using your vocab definitions if you need them. • Keep it on your desk, we will go over it in 10 minutes.

  4. Quick Write on Pg 13: For 2 minutes jot down any words or phrases you think of when you look at these images

  5. Analyzing the Images… • Which of the pictures would you consider to represent a natural resource, and which would represent energy? • What’s the connection between them?

  6. Analyzing theImages… • Which pictures represent a positive image as a “clean” natural resources/energy in your opinion? • Why do you see them that way? • What could the risks associated with these “clean” resources be?

  7. Natural Resources • Natural resource – any source, organism or substance found in nature that people use… • Do they always have to be used to create energy?

  8. Renewable Resources • Renewable resource - a natural resource that can be replaced in nature at about the same rate it is used. What are some examples?

  9. Examples of Renewable Resources • Sunlight (Solar) • Wind • Water (Hydro) • Trees and other plants • Animal waste (Biomass) • Geothermal • Hydrogen Fuel Cells

  10. Nonrenewable Resources • Nonrenewable resource - a natural resource that is used up faster than it can be replaced in nature. What are some examples?

  11. Examples of Nonrenewable Resources • Coal • Oil (Fossil Fuels) • Natural gas • Uranium (Fuels Nuclear Power) • Minerals and rocks

  12. Generation Bean – Natural Resource Simulation • You have a cup with a number on the bottom – 1, 2, 3 • Generation 1’s come up and fill your cup with as many beans as you want • Followed by generation 2, then 3 What happens with each generation in terms of people and the resources?

  13. Generation Bean • Spread your beans on your table CAREFULLY! • In your notebook, predict what type of resource each color of bean may represent… • Black beans = ? • Red/brown beans = ? • White beans = ? Ok, back to your predictions in a moment…

  14. Generation Bean – What’s the Problem? • If you took a full cup, YOU just used enough natural resource energy for you, your children and your grandchildren you  • If you took a half cup, that was enough for you and your children…and YOU wasted it  • If you took just 1 or 2 beans of each color that means you have enough for you AND you have conserved natural resource energy for future generations…yay!!! 

  15. What is Conservation? Conservation – the careful or protected use of natural resources to prevent them from being lost or wasted • How many of you took way more than you needed? • What were the implications of your overuse for future generations? • If you are willing to fight over beans, what could the global/economic implications be over real resources?

  16. Ok, Back to Your Predictions…Can We Fix This? • Black beans = ? • Red/brown beans = ? • White beans = ? • Would you be willing to give some back if you could?

  17. Can We Fix This? • For Example: Black Beans – represent fossil fuels like oil, coal & natural gas. • Are they renewable or non-renewable? • So can we put any back for future generations?

  18. Can We Fix This? • For Example: Red Beans – representwood or biomass. • Are they renewable or non-renewable? • So can we put any back for future generations?

  19. What About This Scenario? • White Beans – represent electricity…we use A LOT of electricity in the United States compared to the rest of the world. • Wait…is electricity even a natural resource? • Is something like electricity renewable or non-renewable?

  20. Question: So, why don’t we use more renewable natural resources to create energy?

  21. Answer: Because just like everything there are Pros & Cons to each energy source…what could they be? • You will do some background research today for the energy proposal you will create next class

  22. Homework: • Print off the Science EOG Top 10 Review Booklet before next class! • It is on the wiki page under the EOG Review Tab • Finish your Energy Pros & Cons too!

  23. WARM U P: • Update your Table of Contents for today! • Get your Science EOG Top 10 Review Packet AND your Energy Pros & Cons out to be checked! • Read through the directions of the EOG Packet while I am checking people off!

  24. Energy Proposal Project Example • My Location: Los Angeles, California • My Resource: Biodiesel powered cars • My Goal: To combat the smog/air pollution problem • My Inspiration: The Rob & Big episode where they convert Big’s car to run on oil from fast food restaurants & make Drama power the TV with an exercise bike…Other Ideas…? • Focus on a logical choice for the location you chose and fully develop your idea!

  25. Energy Proposal Plan • Look at the student examples and use the checklist provided to make sure that you meet all requirements!! • Read them NOW…do you have any questions? * Can be in any Google Doc format, or another format of your choice!