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Starter 9/24. Many of the explorers and colonists encountered problems as they attempted to settle the “new world”. Create a list of problems you think they would have encountered (at least 8). English Exploration of the Americas. An English Colony in America.

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starter 9 24
Starter 9/24

Many of the explorers and colonists encountered problems as they attempted to settle the “new world”.

Create a list of problems you think they would have encountered (at least 8)

an english colony in america
An English Colony in America
  • In 1585, Queen Elizabeth of England commissioned Sir Walter Raleigh to establish a colony in America
  • One expedition came to America to explore the region, but limited supplies forced them to return to England
john white
John White
  • John White had been with the first attempted colony and was an artist who drew many pictures of the Natives he encountered
  • This colony was unsuccessful and the Englishmen returned home after several months.
john white s illustrations of the native people he encountered on the coast of virginia follow
John White’s Illustrations of the Native People he encountered on the coast of Virginia follow…

Their manner of careynge the Childern and a tyere of the cheiffe Ladyes of the towne of Dasamonquepeuc.

starter 9 25
Starter 9/25
  • Think about the film “The New World”
  • List three things in the film for each of the following:
    • Three things that you expected
    • Three things that surprised you
    • Three things you thought were stereotypical
    • Three things that were accurate for that culture region
an english colony in america1
An English Colony in America
  • Queen Elizabeth of England commissioned a second attempted colony in the New World, this time to be led by John White
john white s colonists
John White’s Colonists
  • The colonists included women and children (including White’s pregnant daughter who gave birth to the first English child born in America, Virginia Dare)
  • The colonists settled at Roanoke Island off the coast of NC
Because the colonists arrived in mid-summer, it was too late to plant crops and they did not have enough food
  • John White returned to England for supplies & was to go back to Roanoke immediately
Before he left, the colonists agreed that if the settlers moved, they would leave markings indicating where they had moved
  • If they were in danger, they would leave a cross in a place easily seen
When White arrived in England, they were at war with Spain and he was unable to return to Roanoke for three years
  • When he returned, no one was there
  • They left no personal possessions
  • The group became known
  • as “The Lost Colony”
The letters “CRO” were carved on a tree
  • The word “CROATOAN” was carved on a gatepost
  • There was no cross found
  • What happened to the colony is still a mystery today, but there are several theories
Some say the colonists may have been adopted by a local Algonquian tribe, the Hatteras
  • There is a theory that their descendents are today’s Lumbee (some of the Lost Colony’s surnames included: Berrye, Brooke, Dare, Harris, Sampson, Scot, and Sutton)
starter 9 26
Starter 9/26
  • In the film the “New World” “Pocahontas” and Smith are depicted as having a romantic relationship even though she is obviously younger than him.
  • Describe what type of relationship you think actually existed between Smith and “Pocahontas”? 2-3 sentences

Take out your


questions for film new world
Questions for film “New World”
  • Set 1
  • What is the setting? (date and location)
  • Describe the activities of the natives.
  • Describe the appearance of the English.
  • Describe the Indian village.
  • What advantages do the English see to the location they had chosen?
  • Describe the first interactions between the English and Natives.
  • How do the English go about setting up their colony?
questions for film new world1
Questions for film “New World”
  • Set 2
  • Why did the relationships between the “naturals” and English settlers deteriorate?
  • Describe the challenges the settlers face.
  • How does Smith feel about the opportunities of the “new world”?
  • Describe the landscape of the “new world”.
  • Describe Smith’s encounter with the “naturals”.
  • Why does his arrival cause controversy?
  • Describe the agriculture.
Set 3
  • How Does John Smith meet “Pocahontas”?
  • What do they learn from each other?
  • How is the character of “Pocahontas” depicted?
  • What promise does “Pocahontas” make her father?
  • Describe how the natives fished.
  • Is the deity “Pocahontas” speaks to male or female?
  • What do the chief’s advisors tell him to do with Smith?
  • What conditions do the people live under at the fort?
  • How does Smith become the new leader?
Set 4
  • How does the winter impact the colonists?
  • What does “Pocahontas” do to help the colonists? How do they treat her in return?
  • When do the natives realize the English will not leave?
  • What did “Pocahontas” do to betray her people?
  • Describe the fight between the English and natives.
starter 9 29
Starter 9/29
  • The colony in the film “The New World” had made significant changes from its inception when we last watched.
  • Make a list of some of the changes
  • Why do you think these changes helped the colony be more successful?
Set 5
  • How does life change for “Pocahontas” when she leaves her tribe?
  • What are the differences in lifestyles between the “naturals” and English?
  • What is “Pocahontas” renamed?
  • What happened to John Smith?
  • Who does “Pocahontas” marry?
Set 6
  • What are the differences in the relationship “Pocahontas” has with Smith and Rolfe?
  • Why does she go to England?
  • How is she treated while she is there?
  • What is different about the way she is treated in England and the way the Indians are treated by the colonists?
  • At the end of the film, how do you feel about the events?
  • If you could rewrite history how would you change this story?