psychology of attraction n.
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Psychology Of Attraction PowerPoint Presentation
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Psychology Of Attraction

Psychology Of Attraction

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Psychology Of Attraction

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  1. Psychology Of Attraction “LOVE STRIKES WHEN IT’S NOT EXPECTED”

  2. PHYSICAL ATTRACTIVENESS • Is the outside of the person, what they see and like on the persons body. (Nice legs, lips) anything that they found amazing and get attracted. • A quality or feature that attracts you towards that person.

  3. PROXIMITY • The closer two people live near each other the more likely it is for them to like each other. Proximity is how far they live from one another. (Down the road, overseas or even next door)

  4. FAMILIARITY • One of the major reasons proximity creates liking is that it increases familiarity. Generally specking, the more a person interacts with another person, the more attraction builds between them. SPORTING EVENTS INTERACTION

  5. SIMILARITY • The similarities or characteristics between the two people. This could be in; Race, age, religion, education, physical characteristics and other general characteristics. EDUCATION RELIGION AGE

  6. HOW DO PEOPLE FLIRT • People flirt as such to get ones attention. It could be as simple as a girl biting her lips to get a guys attention, or even looking at them when they are not looking and when they do look at you, you turn away. Flirting is part of ones mind, sometimes people don’t even know there flirting until one of there friends tell them. In the table below there are examples of what boys and girls do to get ones attention

  7. WHY DO PEOPLE FLIRT • People flirt to give signals to the other gender to show that their intrigued by their appearance. • To show off there body and try and get a girl interested in them. • To entertain and make a good impression. • To socialise and impress.

  8. WHERE DO PEOPLE FLIRT • People flirt anywhere; school yard, shopping, on the street , clubs (night clubs), hotels etc. People find it easier to be friends with someone first and get to know them and then start flirting and liking them. OVER SEAS OVER A SUNSET