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nervous system n.
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Nervous System

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Nervous System
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Nervous System

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  1. Nervous System Slytherin Dakota, Kylie, Daryn, Radolpho

  2. Cerebellum The part of the of the vertebrate brain that is located below the Cerebrum at the rear of the scull. It coordinates the balance and muscle activity. In mammals, the cerebellum is made up of two connecting Hemispheres that consist of a core of white matter surrounded with gray matter.

  3. Hello I am a cerebellum

  4. The Cerebellum is made up of muscles, tendons, Ligaments, and skin.

  5. body Cell Kylie starchman

  6. cell body the nucleus of the cell and the adjacent cytoplasm in cells which have processes, e g. neurons which consist of a cell body, an axon and dendrites The part of a neuron containing the nucleus but not incorporating the axon and dendrites. Also called soma.

  7. Cell body

  8. Spinal cord The spinal cord is a long bundle of tissue. The human spinal cordis in 13 segments as you see on the picture of the spine. The spine is a lot smaller than the cord.

  9. Spinal cord fun facts • Did you know that the brain is connected to the spinal cord like shown.

  10. But not least • The spinal cord is the main path of information.

  11. awesome

  12. Brain stem The brain stem controls your heart beat, digestion, the way you breath are all controlled by the brain stem. The brain is connected to the spinal cord through the brain stem. It also takes messages from the brain to the spinal cord which runs from the brain to the lower back through the back bone. invertebrate antom the brain stem is the posteterior part of the brain.