Nervous system
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Nervous System. How does the structure of the nervous system allow it to control functions in every part of the body?. Nervous System. Central Nervous System. Peripheral Nervous System. Functions of the Nervous System.

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Nervous system

Nervous System

How does the structure of the nervous system allow it to control functions in every part of the body?

Nervous system1
Nervous System

Central Nervous System

Peripheral Nervous System

Functions of the nervous system
Functions of the Nervous System

Collects information about the body’s internal and external environment, processes that information, and responds to it.


Nervous system impulses are transmitted by cells called neurons.

Once an impulse begins it will continue down an axon until it reaches the end.


The point at which a neuron transfers an impulse to another cell.

Neurotransmitters: Chemicals that transmit an impulse across a synapse to another cell.


When you step on a tack, sensory receptors stimulate a sensory neuron, which relays the signal to an interneuron within the spinal cord. The signal is then sent to a motor neuron, which in turn stimulates a muscle that lifts your leg.