Working together cisco telepresence
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Working Together Cisco TelePresence. Raphael Mwangi. The world is getting bigger, more complex, and moving faster – making collaboration a critical and strategic priority. Business Complexities Increasing. My company expanding across the globe – how do I get everyone on the same page? .

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Working together cisco telepresence

Working Together Cisco TelePresence

Raphael Mwangi

Working together cisco telepresence

The world is getting bigger, more complex, and moving faster – making collaboration a critical and strategic priority.

Business complexities increasing
Business Complexities Increasing – making

My company expanding across the globe – how do I get everyone on the same page?

Am I moving fast enough to keep up?

How do I scale scarce resources across to be in more places at once?

Our business is becoming more complex, how do we keep up with the pace of innovation?

How can I maintain better relationships with my customers, partners and advisors?

What are my competitors doing?

Working together cisco telepresence

The next wave of business transformation is about putting – making people at the center of collaboration.


Video delivers the most natural communication experience
Video Delivers the Most Natural Communication Experience – making

Words convey meaning, a picture says a thousand words, and video does it all

Working together cisco telepresence

Telepresence puts – making people at the center of collaboration.


Companies around the world are transforming their business with the help of cisco telepresence

Companies around the world are transforming their business – making with the help of Cisco TelePresence.

Business transformation enabled by telepresence
Business Transformation – making Enabled By Telepresence

Reduce travel costs

Optimize employee time

Transform business models

Speed decision making

  • Spend less on travel - more on opportunities for growth

  • Be greener – reduce CO2 emissions and further CSR goals

  • Minimize business travel- related downtime

  • Enhance teleworking capabilities

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve work/life balance

  • Resolve critical problems faster

  • Accelerate sales cycles

  • Reduce time to market

  • Drive innovation

  • Build competitive differentiation

  • Scale expertise across the globe

  • Unify your entire supply chain

  • Redefine customer service and experiences

  • Transform your business and industry

Working together cisco telepresence

The Business Value of Telepresence – making

2 weeks to resolve issues – down from two months3 times the average success rate to treat stroke patients 50% reduction in repair time$604,000 savings on travel in one month 150 tons ofcarbon emissions avoided

Telepresence across your organization
Telepresence Across Your Organization – making


Virtual meetings to strengthen relationships and finalize decisions with executives from around the globe


Manage by

“walking around” right from your desk


Daily video that integrates with existing collaboration tools


Bring teams together into a virtual meeting room. React, plan, and create at a moment’s notice


Meet and greet visitors from thousands of miles away.

And beyond
…and Beyond – making


Be closer to your customers, suppliers, and advisors every day.


Reach subject matter

experts on demand


Productivity has no boundaries,

whether in the office or working from home


Reach suppliers on the manufacturing floor, technicians on site, and emergency responders in the field


Mobile solutions for those on the go.

Telepresence at the heart of new c ollaboration e xperiences
Telepresence at the Heart of – making New Collaboration Experiences

Classroom Of

The Future



Collaboration Room

Customer Care

Expert On Demand

Lobby Ambassador

One Button


Virtual Meetings

IP Communications

Financial Expert

HD Recording Studio

Cisco TelePresence

Enterprise Social Software

The promise of cisco telepresence new experiences only we can deliver
The Promise of Cisco TelePresence: – making New Experiences Only We Can Deliver





  • Natural communication

  • Face-to-face, in person experience

  • High definition

  • Low latency

  • Wideband audio

  • One button to push

  • Intuitive controls

  • Active presence

  • Integrated scheduling

  • Ad-hoc flexibility

  • Dial tone reliability

  • Investment protection

  • Scalability

  • Low TCO

  • Standards based

  • The most integrated portfolio of collaboration solutions

  • Interoperability

  • Intercompany

  • New experiences

  • The future today

The road to successful deployment
The Road to Successful Deployment – making

Make video pervasive

Build the case through demonstrated ROI

Implement usage and adoption programs

Pilot programs within key departments

Select the right applications that support your business strategy

Why cisco
Why Cisco? – making

Case studies

Case Studies – making

Extend the benefits of telepresence
Extend The Benefits of TelePresence – making

  • Meet with stakeholders more frequently

  • Conduct strategy review for contracts or mergers and acquisitions

  • Streamline negotiations

  • Manage Corporate governance

  • Link sales executives to headquarters

  • Build stronger relationships with key clients & peers

  • Accelerate sales cycles

  • Forecasting

  • Regular product and sales trainings

  • Manage & coach distributed teams

  • Reach key decision makers anytime, anywhere

  • Communicate strategy & share news w/ workforce

  • Accelerate decision making

  • Improve work-life balance

  • Manage distributed or global workforce

  • Real-time collaboration with remote experts

  • Accelerate time to market

  • Faster customer & supplier feedback

  • Actively collaborate with ecosystem partners

Executive Communications





Executive communications
Executive Communications – making

  • Bring management and staff around the world together

  • “in person” more often without travel costs or productivity loss

  • Meet face to face with customers, peers, partners and staff anywhere, anytime, building trust and innovation while transforming business processes

  • Make faster decisions and reduce error and cost, while speeding time to market through face-to-face communication

  • Easily record and share videos with entire workforce

  • Balance internal and external priorities with no compromises to communication

“I'm using [telepresence] to run the business. You forget you are thousands of miles away. You work like you're face to face across the table, which is much better decision making. You see people's reaction and behavior.” - Claudio Abreu, President and Chief Executive of Bayer Business and Technology Services

Sales – making

  • Meet face to face with customers more often building trust and

  • additional opportunities

  • Host and record virtual trainings for on demand access from anywhere

  • Bring partners and staff together “in person” building rapport and productivity

  • Include all stakeholders in real-time face-to-face account planning and strategy to increase buy-in

We’re seeing improved client buy-in and can set client expectations better by having the customer participate in a ”face-to-face” call with us. Seeing the client, reading their body language and making amendments to [plans] on-the-fly is very productive. Clients feel more reassured if they can see [us]. - Nectarios Lazaris, CIO for global architecture firm Woods Bagot

Product development
Product Development – making

  • Speed product development and time to market through

  • streamlined face-to-face communication

  • Optimize collaboration by instantly bringing key staff, partners and suppliers around the world together “in-person” more often

  • Maximize expertise while saving time and money

  • Host virtual focus groups for feedback from customers and partners earlier in the product development cycle

69% of best in class companies use video in product development - Aberdeen Research 2010

Legal – making

  • Share materials, ideas and trainings in real time, and record and store interactions for future reference

  • Speed decision making and reduce confusion through face-to-face communication

  • Instantly bring in experts or witnesses for “in person” testimony or depositions, or record for play back

  • Respond to RFP and RFQ customer contract issues face-to-face to resolve issues faster and build trust

  • Look your people and partners in the eyes during critical talks

With telepresence, merger alliance talks were enhanced. The telepresence solution allowed us to develop a close relationship very quickly, without having to travel back and forth. We easily cut six months out of the merger alliance process by using video. - Michael Krueger, Information Systems Director for labor union United Steelworkers

Partner increase customer intimacy

Benefits – making


Partner—Increase Customer Intimacy

“In just five months, Cisco TelePresence saved 1830 hours for sales that otherwise would have been spent traveling. That’s worth US$76,400 in salary alone.”Steve Reese, Director of Solutions, Nexus IS

Nexus IS

Competitive advantage

Reduce travel costs

Face-to-face meetings

Scale scarce resources

Retail banking reducing time to decisions

Chicago – making




Retail Banking—Reducing Time To Decisions

Bank of Montreal

“Cisco TelePresence is an important contribution to our plan to achieve carbon neutrality, and it will help us remove tons of CO2 emissions from the atmostphere every year.”Michael Thornburrow, BMO Corporate Real Estate & Strategic Sourcing

Lower carbon emissions

Improve collaboration with customers

Face-to-face communication

Reduce travel

Financial services innovation through collaboration
Financial Services— – making Innovation Through Collaboration

















Grupo BBVA

“The TelePresence solution is yet another step in BBVA’s innovation dynamic. This new communication channel fosters relations between, and the integration of, the Group’s professionals as befits a global company. In addition, we have already found that it enables people to work more quickly and efficiently, in accordance with our aim of improving productivity”.Manuel Castro, Innovation and Development Manager,Grupo BBVA

Increase in productivity

Accelerate decision-making

Face-to-face interaction

Ease of use

Service provider enriched global collaboration
Service Provider— – making Enriched Global Collaboration

“Cisco TelePresence has the potential to transform businesses by bridging the geographic gap within organizations and to bring customers and partners together in an extended ecosystem of communication. The intensely immersive experience allowed by this tool will also encourage businesses to reduce the carbon footprint currently generated by traveling to essential face to face meetings across the world.”Francois Barrault, CEO of BT Global Services

Service provider scaling interactions on a global level
Service Provider— – making ScalingInteractions on a Global Level

Key Benefits

  • Real-time Beijing Olympics networking surveillance

  • Improve communication for planningand executing event

“The Cisco [TelePresence] system will help us improve our ‘broadband Olympics’ strategy and ensure the stability of the communicationsduring the big event.”

Zhao Jidon, VP China Netcom

Education foster open innovation

Benefits – making


Education—Foster Open Innovation

“Cisco TelePresence will be an excellent addition to the tools we use in our interactions with faculty from other universities and representatives from industry around the world… The Cisco TelePresence University Connection program offers us a unique opportunity to greatly improve the quality of our interactions with our global partners”AdityaMathur, department head and professor of computer science at Purdue

Cisco TelePresence University Connection

Help advance research and innovation in computer science and other areas

Face-to-face interaction

Research collaboration with other schools

Service provider ease of use with cisco telepresence

Vancouver – making




San Jose


Service Provider—Easeof use With Cisco TelePresence


John Chambers and Arnold Schwarzenegger met with Rogers CEO Ted Rogers to sign first Canadian TelePresence deal

“Think about what this can do for transactions and transformation.”

Ted Rogers, CEO Rogers Communications

Improved Decision Making and Business Continuity

"Green" Environmental Impact

Working together cisco telepresence

Do more with less – making

global architectural and design firm


Developed “one global studio” model in which company leverages its expansive worldwide talent pool to collaborate as a global team on projects.


Optimized collaboration through more frequent and productive meetings, Saved $120,000 in airfares on just one meeting.

Working together cisco telepresence

Transform your business – making

global automobile manufacturer

deploying experts via video



in repair time


in cost


Working together cisco telepresence

Do More With Less – making

health care, nutrition & high tech materials

Bayer plan: to reduce carbon emissions and develop more

efficient methods for conducting business worldwide


cost per hour to operate each T3 system for six executives


cost per person for a business trip to Germany

Working together cisco telepresence

Do More With Less – making

Information technology analyst firms

“Estimates a $3.5 billion reduction in travel costs annually by 2013 due to increased utilization of visual communications.”

“Video communication has become mission critical for many companies and will continue to expand as globalization and economic challenges force businesses to seek solutions that can help reduce travel costs while maintaining productivity and collaboration.”

Working together cisco telepresence

Transform your business – making

solutions to the specialty physician shortage


Connect stroke victims with emergency trained neurologists within minutes of entering a hospital ensuring appropriate and timely treatment.


Success rates are three times higher than the national average.

Working together cisco telepresence

Transform your business – making

Improving the lives of the world’s consumers


Speed products to market while improving employee quality of life.


Scaling experts more effectively, decisions now made in minutes versus days.

Working together cisco telepresence

Be greener – making

IT and consultancy services

KMD plan: to use video collaboration to replace travel


tons of carbon dioxide saved annually using TelePresence

1 Million

miles - the equivalent distance of car travel eliminated annually

Working together cisco telepresence

Be greener – making

Leading conservation organizations

The Nature Conservancy lists video as one of the

top five ways businesses can reduce their

carbon footprints.

World Wildlife Fund research shows that substituting 5-30% of air travel with video could avoid 5.59-33.53 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

The Climate Group estimates that replacing remote in-person interactions with virtual meetings could reduce 20-30 million metric tons of CO2 emissions in 2020, providing gross savings of $5-10 billion on fuel for airplanes.

Collaboration supports growing business
Collaboration Supports Growing Business – making

  • Provide top-quality training to widespread 8,000-agent sales force

  • Reduce time and money spent on travel

  • Increase collaboration to share best practices among employees and industry



WebEx Training Center delivers consistent training regardless of location

TelePresence to conduct executive meetings

IP phones for voice communications

Business Value

  • Reduced travel by 70% while reaching greater number of agents

  • Improved training = Competitive advantage

  • Furthered companywide green initiative

Source: Cisco IBSG public success story

Closer home
Closer home – making

Customer: Eastern Africa Standby Force

Contact person: Vincent Kamau

The value of visual communication
The Value of Visual Communication – making

Communication is …

  • 7% words

  • 38% tone of voice

  • 55% body language

Working together cisco telepresence

Q & A – making