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Innovate Together: Telepresence for everyone, everywhere PowerPoint Presentation
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Innovate Together: Telepresence for everyone, everywhere

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Innovate Together: Telepresence for everyone, everywhere - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Innovate Together: Telepresence for everyone, everywhere. Vision. Video is the next driver of business transformation for all forms of communications and collaboration. Telepresence leads the adoption of video. Video traffic is growing faster than anything else. 52% CAGR.

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Innovate Together: Telepresence for everyone, everywhere

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Innovate Together:Telepresence for everyone, everywhere

    2. Vision Video is the next driver of business transformation for all forms of communications and collaboration. Telepresence leads the adoption of video.

    3. Video traffic is growing faster than anything else 52% CAGR • The global online video community will surpass 1 billion users by the end of 2010 • Video will exceed 91% of global consumer traffic by 2014 Petabytes per month Video is here. Are you ready for it? Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index, 2009

    4. Only Cisco offers a full video portfolio Physical Security Cloud Services Desktop Video Digital Media Infrastructure TelePresence On Premise Hosted Collaborate Protect medianet Share B2B Endpoints Convergence

    5. Video enables new collaboration experiences Classroom Of The Future Conferencing Active Collaboration Room Customer Care Expert On Demand Lobby Ambassador One Button Integration Virtual Meetings IP Communications Financial Expert HD Recording Studio Cisco TelePresence Enterprise Social Software

    6. 85% of Fortune 100 • 56 service providers • 10 of 12 largest pharmaceutical companies • 17 of top 20international banks • top 4 software companies • 10 global energy companies • top 12 research universities • 16 of 23 Fortune 500healthcare companies Join the best and brightest

    7. The Cisco Advantage Standards-based Innovation Network as the platform Portfolio breadth

    8. StandardsWhen you can call anyone you want, on any device, you’ve maximized your investment.

    9. Cisco Advocates Open Standards Confidence in new technology adoption TODAY FUTURE Open standards will continue to be needed for the large scale adoption of telepresence H.323, SIP, H.264, H.239, H.460... TIPv6... TIPv7, H.265...

    10. Standards-Based 2. 1. 4. 3. 3rd Party Video Products Organizations Cisco Video Products Cisco Collaboration Products

    11. INTEROPERABILITY 1. 2. 3. 4. 3rd PartyVideo Products Organizations Cisco Video Products Cisco Collaboration Products

    12. InnovationStaying ahead of the curve: bringing authenticity to human interactions over video

    13. Core video technology innovation • Best video quality: ClearPathsmooths the idiosyncrasies of imperfect networks • Cameras developed from ground-up • Lowest bandwidth usage in the industry • First with 1080p30 • Most scalable solution with flawless support of 1000+ endpoints

    14. Intuitive: schedule, start, and control meetings • Schedule meetings through familiar tools (Outlook, Lotus Notes) • Start meetings with one-button-to-push • First touch-screen device for telepresence: same interface across multiple product series

    15. Natural: technology working with human cues • Active speaker featured, voice-activated • Other participants visible • Technology following human-initiated cues

    16. The networkPowering the flow of data swiftly, accurately, and intelligently.

    17. Media Aware Network of Networks Evolution of Convergence Personal Social Interactive Network Aware End Point Aware Technologies and new devices Medianet—the architecture for video

    18. Evolution of medianet medianet medianet medianet 1.0 2.0 3.0 Converged Architecture Plug and Play Any-to-Any Q3 FY10 Q1 FY11 → Q3 FY12 Q1 FY12 & Beyond • Validated Designs • Medianet-ready devices • Auto-configuration • Resource Reservation • Video Monitoring • Metadata • Auto-adaptation • Content Virtualization • Mobile Video

    19. Broad portfolioSomething for anyone, anyplace, anytime. Only Cisco offers the widest breadth of telepresence options.

    20. With any Cisco TelePresence, you get: Quality Simplicity Reliability Collaboration • Natural communication • High definition • Face-to-face, in person experience • Low latency • Wideband audio • One button to push • Continuous presence • Intuitive controls • Integrated scheduling • Ad hoc flexibility • Low TCO • Standards based • Investment protection • Scalability • Interoperability • Intercompany • WebEx • New experiences • Doing more, better

    21. Cisco TelePresence Immersion Curve Business use case determines the immersive needs Immersive needs determine the product selection In-person feel for strategic meetings Face-to-face for small groups Enhanced presence In office and home Enhancing voice Scale beyond the room Immersive Multipurpose Personal Video Enabled Web Video Enabled Voice TelePresence

    22. Cisco TelePresence endpoints at a glance Solution Platforms Solution Platforms Multipurpose Immersive Personal TelePresence Extensions 3000 SERIES 1100 SERIES 500 SERIES INTEGRATORS C90 C60 C40 500-37 QUICK SETS 500-32 PROFILE SERIES C20 QuickSet 3010 3210 T3 and T3 Custom Active Collaboration Room EX SERIES VERTICALS Profile65/52/42 1300 SERIES EX60/90 ProfileDual 65/52 Movi IP VIDEO TELEPHONY COLLABORATION Healthcare WebEx OneTouch E20 Cius Education 1300-65 1300-47

    23. Immersive telepresence endpoints face to face Absolute quality, immersive face-to-face experience – feels like you’re in the same room easy access connect with who you want, when you want… it’s about your entire community collaboration Connect, share, discuss…easily collaborate over spreadsheets, presentations and more 3010 3210 1300 Series Active Collaboration Room

    24. Multipurpose telepresence endpoints flexible Broadest portfolio of integrated multipurpose room systems to fit various spaces and environments best quality Carefully engineered for the most realistic experience possible in non-customized rooms 1100 Series Profile Series

    25. Personal telepresence endpoints face-to-face anywhere Whether you’re in a cubicle, executive office or on the road, Cisco has a telepresence model for you for anyone Make video pervasive through your organization. Ad-hoc dialing makes it as easy to use as a telephone EX Series Movi

    26. Cisco TelePresence solutions platformsFor custom and industry applications Component Portfolio custom solutions Flexible APIs and integration services for integrator solutions and differentiated service quick set Bundled components Simple integration, and DIY option for fast deployment and replicable solutions Quick Set C20 Quick Set MXP Edge Broad AV Codec Series (C90, C60, C40, MXP)

    27. Vertical telepresence products purpose built Specifically designed to meet industry demands and use cases industry expertise Developed in collaboration with experts to meet industry standards and regulations integrated solution Work natively with the core telepresence portfolio to extend video anywhere in the organization Clinical Presence System Intern Media P2 Educator Scholar Synch

    28. Cisco TelePresence infrastructure portfolio

    29. San Jose San Jose San Jose ConferencingAdvanced media distribution, transcoding and switching nodes multipoint easy to schedule and launch with one-button-to-push simplicity New York Bangalore London New York Bangalore London media distribution Supports both transcoding and switching nodes San Jose

    30. Media services for real-time media services communicate with other collaboration platforms and legacy video systems using Gateway Interoperability services recording & streaming on-demand and downloadable media, scale with CDN integration IP Gateway Video ISDN Gateway TCS CTRS IP VCR media transformation live transcoding, advanced media processing, speech to text MXE

    31. Common call control for video everywhere B2B and Remote Worker 3rd Party/H.323 video endpoints Distributed Conferencing Services UC Manager Cluster Telepresence Application Servers H.323 Gatekeeper H.323-to-SIP GW SIP Grooming Expressway B2B Firewall traversal Advanced Conferencing Services

    32. Management that simplifies deployments • AD Integration • Call Automation • Conference Scheduling • Real Time Monitoring • Device Management • Reporting • ROI Policy Management Features Tandberg and Multi-vendor device management Phonebooks WebEx Onetouch Extended Management & Conference Control CUCM for Provisioning & Speed Dials Provisioning TMS Analytics Extension

    33. Business to Business Options Service Option Service Description Subscription Callway On Premise VCS Expressway TelePresence Exchange Service provider exchange • Cloud service – customer buy / finance endpoints • P2P and Multipoint Video (Virtual Meeting Room based) • Audio break-in and break-out to the public phone network • URI calling in and out • All on-premise equipment based • URI calling and Private dial plan support • Ideal for home workers / telecommuters • Private video peering • Both H.323 and SIP (and interworking) • Find-me services • Service Provider offering to Enterprise • Both Enterprise Connect and Fully Managed support models • B2B via scheduled calling • SPs can peer with each other for inter-SP calling

    34. Business to Business Options Service Option Positioning Subscription Callway On Premise VCS Expressway TelePresence Exchange Service provider exchange • Smaller deployments, SMB space • Extending your Telepresence network and collaboration to clients and partners • Plug and play simplicity for provisioning • Opex model with low capital expenditure • Large deployments, medium to large enterprise • Extensive remote worker network • Full control of policies, access, security • Dedicated support staff • Comprehensive managed services • Global reach, reliability and security • Turnkey solution • Minimal support investment • Mission critical, immersive telepresence

    35. Cisco TelePresence service offerings Planning, Designand ImplementationService Remote Management Services Essential Operate and Support Service Optimization Service

    36. Backup Slides Endpoints [completing in next rev] Infrastructure [completing in next rev] Cloud services [next rev]

    37. Cisco TelePresence System 3000 First Cisco TelePresence Offering • Award Winning Product • First Native 1080p TelePresence • Native 1080p Cameras • 65’ Native 1080p Plasmas • 3 x 2-Seat Table Segments (6 people) Cisco TelePresence Experience • Life Size • Spatial Audio • Auto Collaborate for Data Video Sharing • One Button to Push for Scheduled Meetings • Audio Add-in

    38. Cisco TelePresence System 3200 Designed to fit in large rooms • Minimum room size 31’w x 23’d x 8’h • Min 26’ depth for “spectator” seats • Additional data display required for back row viewing • 10’ ceiling height for optional data display Multi-Row room design • Same front row as CTS 3000 (6 people) • Extra 2nd row table (12 people) • Room for “spectators” along back wall • No raised seating Full “TelePresence Experience” • Inherited all features from Award Winning CTS 3000 • All participants in the room have a full “seat at the table” • Spatial audio microphone at each seat, tuned 1080p video

    39. Cisco TelePresence System 1300 • Multi-Purpose Room • 6 seats for TelePresence • 10+ seats for general meeting • Multi-Purpose Display • TelePresence + General Display • Content Sharing • DMP Integration • All Participants Remain Life Size • 1080p Native Resolution • Wideband Audio • Auto Collaborate • Single Screen Bandwidth

    40. Cisco TelePresence System 1100 • Multi-Purpose Room • 2 seats for TelePresence • 4+ seats for Audio Conference • Multi-Purpose Display • TelePresence + General Display • Content Sharing • DMP Integration • All Participants Remain Life Size • 1080p Native Resolution • Wideband Audio • Auto Collaborate • Single Screen Bandwidth

    41. Cisco TelePresence System 500 • Personal TelePresence • Compact Solution • Ease of Installation • 1080p Native Resolution • Wideband Audio • Multi-Purpose 37” LCD • Embedded Speaker • Embedded Microphone Array • Digital Signage Support in Idle • Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G • Auto Collaborate • With PiP or External Display • Audio Add-In

    42. For more information about endpoint audio and video systems, signaling flow, etc., see:

    43. The Cisco TelePresence Server Provides the full immersive experience with no compromises on interoperability • THE FULL IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE • Full interoperability with CTS, T-series, all standards based endpoints, competitors’ immersive systems, and 3rd party VC systems • ActivePresence and high-quality content sharing • Scheduling with OBTP* • WebEx One Touch** • 1080p30 resolution* • Spatial audio* • Improved conference controls* • Scalable chassis-based solution CIUS Next Gen TelePresence CTS Series SUPPORTED MODES Room-Switched Telepresence EXSeries 3rd party TP endpoints Room-Switched Active Presence Telepresence View Panel-Switched Telepresence Movi Panel-Switched Active Presence Cisco Unified IP phones Multipurpose systems 3rd party endpoints *Features on near term roadmap ** Long-term strategy