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Vocabulary. 10-2. Path – feel, suffer . Pathos -feelings (noun) Without pathos, humans could not relate to one another. . Path – feel, suffer . Pathological - compulsive behavior ( adj ).

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path feel suffer
Path – feel, suffer
  • Pathos -feelings (noun)
  • Without pathos, humans could not relate to one another.
path feel suffer1
Path – feel, suffer
  • Pathological - compulsive behavior (adj)

When someone is a pathological liar, he is not trusted by anyone, yet he cannot stop himself from lying.

path feel suffer2
Path – feel, suffer
  • Apathetic-showing little or no emotion (adj)
path feel suffer3
Path – feel, suffer
  • Apathetic-showing little or no emotion (adj)
  • Nothing irritates a teacher

more than a student who is a


rog ask
Rog – ask
  • Derogative – derogatorio—questioning one’s worth; belittling (adj)

People who stereotype others tend to believe derogative statements about a whole group without really knowing anything about the people as individuals.

rog ask1
Rog – ask
  • Imbroglio – questionable situation (noun)

Stuck on a rock, with no easy exit in sight, the sheep’s imbroglio led onlookers to wonder how he would resolve the situation.

rog ask2
Rog – ask
  • Interrogation – noun – a questioning

After lengthy interrogation, I finally admitted to Mom that I ate the last brownie, not my little sister who I tried to blame.

vit life
Vit – life
  • Vital – adjective – necessary for life

Making time to

relax is vital to

one’s mental


vit life1
Vit – life
  • Vitriol – noun – cruel and bitter criticism

Rather than words of praise or kindness, Amy’s holiday turkey elicited nothing but vitriol from her mother-in-law.

vit life2
Vit – life
  • Vivify – verb – to endue with life

Dr. Frankenstein’s goal was to vivify inanimate flesh.

mut change
Mut – change
  • Mutation – noun – the act or process of change

I was amazed by the caterpillar’s mutation into a butterfly.

mut change1
Mut – change
  • Transmute – verb – to change or alter in form

In Transformers, aliens transmute their shape from basic vehicles into amazing mechanical life forms.

mutable adjective able to change
Mutable – adjective – able to change
  • Shifting word meanings show how fluid and mutable our language is.
  • Traditional Meaning Modern Meaning
par equal
Par - Equal
  • Disparate – adjective – not equal
  • Disparate economic levels led to the French Revolution where hungry peasants rose against the nobility.
parody noun a humorous or satirical imitation
Parody – noun – a humorous or satirical imitation
  • Saturday Night Live often does parodies of famous people.
pariah noun an outcast
Pariah – noun – an outcast
  • Surprisingly, Buddy never felt like a pariah even though he clearly did not fit in with his family.