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EGEDA Progress Report after EWG43

44 th EWG Meeting. EGEDA Progress Report after EWG43. Washington D.C., USA 5-9 November 2012 Shigeru Kimura EDMC, IEEJ. Joint Organization Data Initiative (JODI) – Data Collection. JODI Oil Submission: 20 of the 21 economies

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EGEDA Progress Report after EWG43

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  1. 44th EWG Meeting EGEDA Progress Reportafter EWG43 Washington D.C., USA 5-9 November 2012 Shigeru Kimura EDMC, IEEJ

  2. Joint Organization Data Initiative (JODI) – Data Collection • JODI Oil • Submission: 20 of the 21 economies • Timeliness: Worsened a little bit in the first 8 months of 2012 but generally it has been improving from 2005. • Completeness: No improvement due to confidentiality and insufficient monthly data collection system • Accuracy: Generally good except for stock changes based on comparison with annual data • The additional data points in the MAXI JODI questionnaires have been opened to the public from April 2012. • JODI Gas • Submission: 18 of the 21 economies • Timeliness: 13 economies are able to submit M-1 during the last 3 months • Completeness: Only 4 of the 18 economies submit complete data • Accuracy: The methodology for evaluation will be set up by the JODI Inter-secretariat Working Group (ISWG) organizations and will be used before the opening of the JODI Gas database • JODI Annual Data (Future Production Capacity Data) • Submission: 10 of the 21 economies in 2009 • Became part of regular data collection from 2012

  3. JODI - Events • 13th International Energy Forum • Date: 13,14 March, 2012 • Venue: Kuwait City, Kuwait • Celebration of 10th anniversary of JODI • Release of JODI promotion video • Outcomes from the forum • The Ministers expressed the importance of JODI for stabilizing oil markets. • OPEC announced to participate in JODI Gas data collection. • Japan announced to contribute to the development of JODI Gas World Database • 2nd Gas Data Transparency Conference • Date: 22, 23 May 2012 • Venue: Doha, Qatar • APEC participants: Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam • Current coverage of collected data: less than 70% of global natural gas supply and demand • Outcomes from the conference • Upgrade of JODI Gas from exercise to initiative • Coverage target was set to more than 90% of both gas supply and demand • Development of a beta version of JODI Gas database 3

  4. JODI - Others • JODI ISWG Meeting • Date: 19-20 June 2012 • Venue: OPEC Secretariat in Vienna, Austria • Outcomes • JODI Oil Manual • Finalized the revised JODI Oil manual to meet the MAXI JODI format • UNSD will prepare the JODI Gas manual • Development of JODI training software • Data quality assessment report prepared by an independent oil analyst (EIG) • OPEC initiated the gas data collection • The 3rd Gas Data Conference will be held before the summer of 2013 • Release of the New JODI Oil Manual • Download from http://www.jodidata.org/resources/downloads.aspx

  5. APEC Energy Statistics • Capacity Building • KEEI/CEIS Workshop • Date: 9th October, 2012 • Venue: Seoul, Korea • Speaker: KEEI, IEEJ as EGEDA and IEA • Theme: The way to advance energy statistics of Korea into international standards and the policy direction for sustainable energy demand-supply. • Efforts to fill in the energy efficiency template prepared by IEA • Study on energy policies to meet best energy-mix after the nuclear incident in Japan • Energy Statistics Capacity Building Workshop • Date: 15th and 16th October, 2012 • Venue: Hong Kong, China • Overall information sharing between Hong Kong, China and EGEDA, IEA • Energy statistics, end-use energy consumptions, benchmark and energy consumption indicators and energy outlook.

  6. APEC Energy Statistics • 25th EGEDA Meeting • Date: 10th – 12th, October, 2012 • Venue: Jeju Island, Korea • Participants: Brunei Darussalam; China; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Japan; Korea; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; APERC; IEA • Discussion and way forward • Revision of the annual energy questionnaires • APEC original revisions and IEA’s minor revisions • Use of the revised questionnaires for 2013 data collection on a trial basis • Biofuel trial collection along with the JODI Oil questionnaire was extended for another six months. • Release of the Regular Publications • APEC Energy Statistics 2010 with CD-ROM • APEC Energy Handbook 2010

  7. Way Forward • APEC Energy Statistics Workshop 2012 • Date: 3 days in January 2012 • Venue: tentatively Bangkok • Jointly with ASEAN • Program • Review of filling the 2011 annual energy data into the APEC annual questionnaires • Explanation and discussion on the revisions of the APEC annual questionnaires • Introduction of the manual for collection of energy consumption data • 3rd Gas Data Transparency Conference • Date: 2 days in May or June 2013 • Venue: tentatively Bali, Indonesia but still not fixed yet • Program • Assessment of coverage (target is more than 90% of gas demand and supply) • Evaluation of the beta version of global gas database • Preparation of smiley faces 7

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