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Welcome to. www.adzway.com. What is affiliate marketing…?.

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  1. Welcome to www.adzway.com

  2. What is affiliate marketing…? • Affiliate marketing involves three parties – the merchant or store, the affiliate and a customer. Affiliate marketing is where the affiliate sends the customer to the merchant and is awarded an agreed percentage of the sale (commission) when the customer makes a purchase. • This can happen infinite amount of times and there are a number of different ways you can set up the process. One common way is to create a website and offer value in the form of reviews or content the visitor may be interested in.

  3. What is adzway…? The adzway program is a great way for you to earn commissions by placing product banners or links on your website to refer users to the advertiser website. You can earn up to every time a user clicks on the banner/link and or makes a purchase on advertiser site.

  4. What is adzway…? adzwayis an international online platform , where our member can view advertisements, redeem adzwaypoints to buy branded products, build a team and get profit from it. A team is built by inviting friends. These friends invite some friends of their own and so this quickly builds upand results in a massive collection of friends and friend s of friends.

  5. Programme Showcase… • We work using Advertise & Promotion, sometimes called look on ads, is the process of purposely designing and implementing a media message both to entertain and promotion, in order to increase audience members' knowledge about an brand issue, create favorable attitudes and change overt behavior. • adzway Impact is a pioneer and world leader in Affiliate and communications for social change. we have advanced the well-being of vulnerable populations by improving knowledge, shifting locally-determined attitudes and changing behaviors toward critical social issues. Working in a capacity- building model, through our My Community approach, our unique strategy of storytelling allows millions to live healthier lives, sustainably, and in harmony with our systematic way to have looks on ads.

  6. Programme Showcase… • Together with our partners around the world, adzway Impact has produced more than 100 Earnings points, productions reaching more people in over country. • We work with partners around the world to produce Advertisements, Promotion & Events programs rooted in our three-pronged My Community approach to communications for social change. Using a combination of serial dramas, talk shows and community mobilization.

  7. Benefits you get when you become adzway member.. • Affiliate Ads Income. • Binary Income. • Referral Income. • Awards & Rewards. • Gift & Prizes • Free adzwaye-Shoppee card. • Shopping online using our e-Shoppee card. • Shopping coupons of brands

  8. Business PlanAffiliate Ad Income Plan

  9. Binary Income Plan • 10% Binary pair match income. • 1:1 pair match. • Only top-up ID's will be eligible for binary income. • 1 direct on left and 1 direct on right is compulsory.

  10. Referral Income Plan • 10% Direct Income • You will receive 10% of top-up amount of your direct referrals. • Only top-up ID's will be eligible for direct income.

  11. Terms & Conditions • Maximum one can have 3 IDs per Mobile number / Mail Id • After 140 days of affiliate ads member can re upgrade his ID to get the ad income again. • Binary 10%, Direct 10% and affiliate income for all ID. • Capping per day is Rs 76,000 • 15% service charges will be deducted from each withdrawal. • Daily Affiliate income will not be applicable on Saturdays, Sundays & holidays. • Minimum Rs 500/- and multiple of Rs 500/-. Amount will be credited in to your account During banking hours of next day. • Each Ad expire daily in 24 hours. However, each top-up ID will receive 150 days of affiliate ads compulsorily.

  12. We Are happy To Hear Your Queries Mail Us on ; mail@adzway.com Or Fill in the Form On Our Website at it’s Contact Us Page.

  13. Thanking You

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