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Special Education

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Special Education. Linda S. Chase, Director of Student Services Ellen Sugita, Director of Special Education. New Organizational Structure (proposed for next year). Elimination of Student Services Department and Director of Student Services Position Special Education Department

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special education

Special Education

Linda S. Chase, Director of Student Services

Ellen Sugita, Director of Special Education

new organizational structure proposed for next year
New Organizational Structure(proposed for next year)

Elimination of Student Services Department and Director of Student Services Position

Special Education Department

Ellen Sugita, Director of Special Education

  • Addition of a full time Assistant Director of Special Education (Kay Slusser)
  • Elimination of K-8 Supervisor positions
  • Addition of 3 Evaluation Team Supervisors at K-5 – one per elementary school (TBD)
  • Guidance and School Counseling

Valerie Viscosi, K-12 Director of Guidance

  • Addition of a full time Assistant Director of Guidance (.75 LHS, .25 district wide, TBD)
  • Health Services

Jill Gasperini, Coordinator of Health Services


Federal and State Disability Laws

MA Public Education Law Section 28.00

  • guarantees free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment regardless of disability
  • implies inclusion
  • requires evaluation and Team development of IEP
  • implies access to general curriculum and State Frameworks

Federal and State Disability Laws

Federal Rehabilitation Act: Section 504

  • Organizations who receive federal funds such as public schools must provide equal opportunity and access for all people with disabilities, i.e., reasonable accommodations

Americans with Disabilities Act: 1990

  • Mandate for elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities, i.e. transportation, public accommodations

Federal and State Disability Laws

Individuals with Disability Education Act IDEA

  • guarantees free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment regardless of disability
  • implies inclusion
  • requires evaluation and Team development of IEP
life before an iep
Life before an IEP

Principal’s role:

  • ensure that efforts have been made or will be made to meet the needs of diverse learners in the general education program.
  • promote instructional practices responsive to student needs and shall ensure that adequate instructional support is available for students and teachers.
  • Instructional support shall include remedial instruction for students, consultative services for teachers, availability of reading instruction at the elementary level, appropriate services for linguistic minority students, and other services consistent with effective educational practices and the requirements of

M.G.L. c. 71B, § 2.

life before an iep cont d
Life before an IEP (cont’d)
  • Such efforts and their results shall be documented and placed in the student record. Additionally, if an individual student is referred for an evaluation to determine eligibility for special education, the principal shall ensure that documentation on the use of instructional support services for the student is provided as part of the evaluation information reviewed by the Team when determining eligibility
  • Response to Intervention
    • Tiered intervention
  • Child Study
    • Request Child Study for other areas of concern
response to intervention
Response To Intervention
  • Appears in Federal Special Education Law and regulations – use of RTI to determine eligibility for Specific Learning Disability.
  • RTI is a systematic and collaborative method of academic intervention designed to provide early, effective assistance to children through early intervention, frequent progress monitoring, and increasingly intensive instructional interventions. It is a model within general and special education areas. RTI has three basic components: school-wide screening, progress monitoring, and tiered service delivery.
  • General education responsibility


  • Autism (Asperger’s, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Autism)
    • disability affecting verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction
  • Developmental Delay (ages 3-9)
    • receptive /expressive language, cognitive abilities, physical, emotional, adaptive functioning, self-help skills
  • Intellectual Impairment
    • slower rate of learning, mental retardation
  • Sensory Impairment - hearing, vision, deaf-blind
    • capacity to hear, see, or concomitant hearing and vision is limited, impaired or absent
disability categories cont d
Disability Categories (Cont’d)
  • Neurological Impairment - traumatic brain injury
    • use of memory, control and use of cognitive functioning, sensory and motor skills, basic life functions
  • Emotional Impairment - serious emotional disturbance
    • inability to build or maintain interpersonal relationships, physical symptoms or fears associated with personal problems, over a long period of time and to a marked degree
  • Communication Impairment - expressive/receptive language
    • conveying, understanding, using spoken, written or symbolic language that adversely affects ed. performance


  • Physical Impairment
    • severe orthopedic impairments, congenital anomaly, cerebral palsy, basic life functions
  • Health Impairment
    • limited strength, vitality, alertness, heightened alertness to environment, asthma, leukemia, epilepsy, add/adhd
  • Specific Learning Disability
    • psychological processes in understanding or using spoken or written language, inability to think, speak read, write, write, spell or do mathematical computation, must meet federal requirements
individual education program iep
Individual Education Program (IEP)

Evaluation data

Disability category/ies

Current performance level

Classroom accommodations

MCAS accommodations

Special education services

Reviewed annually

Three year reevaluation

the iep
  • Legal contract between school district and parents/student(18)
  • Special Ed teacher obligated to implement.
  • General Ed teacher obligated to read, implement accommodations, consult with service providers and attend TEAM meetings
special education programs
Special Education Programs

Pre-school program

Integrated preschool classrooms

Intensive Learning Program (ILP) PDD/Autism program

Resource Room Services

All schools

Specialized Reading

All schools

PDD/Autism program

Intensive Learning Program (ILP)

Pre-school, Fiske, Diamond, Hastings, Clarke, and LHS

special education programs1
Special Education Programs

Emotional/Behavioral disorders

Therapeutic Learning Program (TLP)

(PALS – Bridge, CARE - Estabrook, COMPASS - Clarke, Diamond Program and MST - LHS)

Language Based Learning Disabilities

Language Learning Program (LLP)

Bowman, Diamond, Clarke and LHS

Intellectual impairments

Developmental Learning Program (DLP)

Harrington and Clarke

Transition Program

For students 14-22

special education cont d
Special Education(Cont’d)
  • Related Services
    • Speech and Language Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Applied Behavioral Analysis
    • Adaptive Physical Education
    • Counseling
    • Orientation and Mobility
    • Assistive technology
the iep1
  • Internal consistency – each section is built upon the previous section(s)
  • Special Educators and service providers
    • All components of IEP
    • Responsible for service delivery and progress reporting
  • General Educators –
    • Profile
    • Accommodations
    • MCAS accommodations
    • Current performance
    • Service delivery
    • Additional information

Proposed Intensive Learning Programs2014-2015

  • Cost of In-House
  • Programs
  • 2014-2015
  • Estimated # of students = 23
  • Cost Avoidance for Out-of-District
  • Programs
  • 2014-2015
  • Tuition for 23 students $2,274,815
  • Day school tuition $98,905 per student
  • Transportation* $254,250
  • Tuition + Transportation $2,529,065
  • Proposed Program $1,262,581
  • Cost Avoidance $1,266,484
  • *Monitors not included

6 Teachers $458,010

9 Support Staff $303,903

4 Related Services Staff $305,340

1 BCBA $74,282

Sub-total $1,141,535

In-town transportation* $121,046

Cost of program $1,262,581