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Me and my sister PowerPoint Presentation
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Me and my sister

Me and my sister

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Me and my sister

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  1. Me and my sister Click me. By Eloise king

  2. contents • Fighting • Playing • Trying again • Arguing • BBF’s • The end • Eloise King • The Blurb Click me.

  3. fighting Click me. One day me and Isabella were fighting, just like all other brothers and sisters, but we weren't like any other brother or sister we fought 24/7. Mum and Dad were used to it. But one day they said enough is enough. So mum came storming upstairs. We knew we had done it now. But instead of hitting us she got some powder and started spreading it across the floor. She said “This side is Sapphire's and this side is Isabella’s side.” Then she stomped out of the room like an elephant prodding with his pack.

  4. Playing So as you all know me and Isabella’s bedroom had been split into two. It is really hard to play by myself, because I was used to playing with Isabella. I never really liked playing with her but it kept my mind off things, or in other words it kept me busy. I have tried playing by myself but I cant play properly. I just miss playing with Isabella. Click me.

  5. Trying again As you have guessed by the title I am about to go and apologise to Isabella. So we can start again and be friends, so here I go, wish me luck . “Isabella” “What!” “ I am sorry can we be friends again.” “ I was hoping you would say that, yes I can’t play by myself I need you to play with me.” “ That's good we will never ever fight again will we.” “ Yes ok, so do you want to play dolly with me?” “Id love to.” Click me.

  6. ARGUING !!! Click me. So as you know we are friends again, but we are still not allowed to cross the line though. So I was just minding my own business when dad came in and said to me “I am just taking Isabella's camera for a mo.” I said “Ok.” So he took it. Isabella came and started looking for something where dad was. She said “ HAVE YOU TOOK MY CAMERA!!” I was frightened. “It … it… it wasn't me.” I said shaking with fear. “It had to be you, you were the only one in our room, so where is it?, come on spit it out.” “Dad took it” “Yeah like he did, if he had done he would of told me!” “Ok if you don’t believe me go ask him yourself” “ I WILL!” She ran downstairs and found dad with her camera. She was shocked. She had just shouted at her own sister for nothing and now she is in tears. She was disappointed in herself.

  7. The end As you may of guessed we have come to the end of my story . I hoped you enjoyed it . Do you think we ever did stop fighting , find out next time , but for now that all from me , sapphire . Click me.

  8. BFFS She realised what a jerk she had been and came to say sorry to me. I accepted it and we were friends for the rest of our lives. We had stopped fighting stopped arguing and everything else that we did when we were little. Click me.

  9. ELoise king Want to find out what happens next? In my next book me and Isabella will be trying to stop this new kid in school… who is a total bully to everyone. Please read it. It will be so good you will want to read it over and over again. Click me.

  10. The Blurb Click me. In this book you will experience what it’s like having a really horrible sister, but when you play with a little sister or brother and you get used to it and you fall out, it is really hard to play by yourself. I know this because it happened to me. To have a baby sister or brother is a real good way to show how responsible you are. So if you read this you absolutely want a sister or brother or if you already have one, you'll appreciate them more.