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This is my sister.

Unit 3. This is my sister. Section A (1). This is a pencil. This is …………. These are CD s. These are pencil s. These are pen s. Use this, these make sentences. These are _______.( 女孩 ). girl s. This is ….. ( 樱桃小丸子). father. This is her father. mother. This is her mother.

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This is my sister.

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  1. Unit 3 This is my sister. Section A (1)

  2. This is a pencil. This is…………

  3. These are CDs. These are pencils. These are pens.

  4. Use this, these make sentences.

  5. These are _______.(女孩) girls

  6. This is ….. (樱桃小丸子)

  7. father This is her father.

  8. mother This is her mother.

  9. parents These are her parents.

  10. Now take out your family photos. Use these sentences to introduce your/your partner’s parents to your classmates. This is my/his/her father. This is my/his/her mother. These are my/his/her parents.

  11. grandfather This is her grandfather.

  12. grandfather: your father’s/your mother’s father grandmother :your father’s/your mother’s mother grandfather+grandmother=( ) grandparents

  13. sister This is her sister.

  14. friend This is her friend.

  15. brother This is his brother.

  16. mother

  17. sister

  18. friend

  19. father

  20. grandfather

  21. mother_c____ • father _______ • parents_______ • brothers_______ • grandmother_______ • grandfather________ • friend_______ • grandparents_______ • sister_______ i h b g e a d f

  22. This is my family. Those are my two brothers. And that’s my sister.

  23. Answers g 1.Dave__a___ 3.Mary_____ 2.Lin Hai______ 4.Jim______ e b

  24. Dave: This is my mother. Mom,this is Lin Hai. Lin Hai: Nice to meet you! Mom: Nice to meet you, Lin Hai! Dave: And these are my grandparents. Grandparents: Hi, Lin Hai! Lin Hai: Hello! Dave: And this is my sister, Mary and this is my brother,Jim.

  25. Homework: 1.Make a dialogue: Introduce your friend to your family and introduce your family members to your friend. (编一段对话来介绍你的朋友和家人认识。) 2.Copy the new words for five times. (抄写本课新单词5次,中文一次。) 3.Recite the new words.(背新单词)

  26. Thank you for your attention!

  27. The End

  28. Suppose you are this girl or this boy, introduce your family members to us.

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