yo pedia the world s simplest file e mail contacts websites favorites and rss feeds manager n.
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Value Proposition/Market Opportunity/ Customer & Competition PowerPoint Presentation
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Value Proposition/Market Opportunity/ Customer & Competition

Value Proposition/Market Opportunity/ Customer & Competition

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Value Proposition/Market Opportunity/ Customer & Competition

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  1. YO PEDIA... the world’s SIMPLEST File, E-mail, Contacts, Websites (Favorites), and RSS feeds Manager! Introduction Why bother trying to remember folder hierarchies when ‘dumping’ all your Files, E-mails, Contacts, favorite Websites, and RSS feeds in just ONE folder does the job – and does it better? Why bother with ‘SAVE AS’, when your new Files get saved without this dialog box, the moment you click on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any other program for that matter?Why bother ‘exploring’ various programs, when ONE SIMPLE INTERFACE lets you handle all your Files, E-mails, Contacts, favorite Websites, and RSS feeds? Why bother about opening and closing your Files, E-mails, and favorite Websites when you can effortlessly view the content without unnecessary clicks? Why bother about desktop search engines that do nothing more than just search, when you can do a lot more with the results that you find? Welcome to YO PEDIA – your one-stop shop to create and manage ALL your Files, E-mails, Contacts, Favorites, and RSS feeds!

  2. Value Proposition/Market Opportunity/Customer & Competition What is the need that the product will fulfill?People deal with thousands of Files and E-mails today. The current method of organizing these using folders and sub-folders is cumbersome. People just cannot remember folder hierarchies. Because of this, Files either remain on their desktops, or the organization is left for another day – which never comes! YO PEDIA does away with the need to organize Files and E-mails in multiple folders, taking away this huge pain. It also offers excellent personalized tagging features (big pay-off) which makes finding ‘the’ File or E-mail super easy. What is the size of the market?YO PEDIA is a File management software for every PC user. There is therefore no specific industry that it targets. YO PEDIA ‘understands’ Files, and Files have no geographical boundaries. It is therefore, completely, a universal product. What is the differentiating factor over competitors?1) Simplicity 2) Ease of use 3) Very intuitive 4) No other product has the concept of being able to use just ONE folder to save in, – yet offering ‘organization’. YO PEDIA completes the user-experience by effortlessly working with programs like MS Outlook, Groove, Sharepoint, Flickr, Facebook, etc. Competitor Analysis: Windows Explorer, Windows Search, Google desktop search, X1, Copernic, - all of these offer File management and/or search. They do nothing more! YO PEDIA offers far more utilities, than any of these.

  3. Current Status/Growth Plans/Go-to-market Marketing Strategy: Breakfast is for free! - We intend offering YO PEDIA free to the Retail customer through OEM bundling (paid for by PC companies). We also monetize through the Enterprise version. Investment Opportunity: Company is self-funded. Product is ready. Market is very international and scalable. What is the plan for use of the investment? Attracting managerial talent, and execution.

  4. Team – Promoters and Advisory Team -Gautam Goradia (Founder, CMD) The driving force of the company. Successfully ran family textiles business (one of the largest curtain makers in the country). Worked with major international customers. -Dr. Michael Callahan (Consultant - Product Evaluation) Trademarked "Dr. File Finder", he is regarded as the world's leading expert on shareware, and in the average year, evaluates 10,000 programs. Since1982 he has evaluated over 190,000 software and hardware products. -Dr. Nitin Paranjpe (Consultant - Product Evaluation) Highly respected Microsoft most valued professional. CEO of Maxoffice Services, and Chairman of Maestros Mediline Systems. Specializes in enhancing Business Productivity, Appropriate Utilization of Technology, User Interface Design, Office System, Enterprise Project Management, Business Intelligence, and High Impact Knowledge Transfer. -Marvin Fernandes (Consultant-Strategist across all areas of the business) Reinhard Mohn Fellow at Bertelsmann AG. Senior Scholar from the London School of Economics and Sloan Fellow at the London Business School. Chartered Accountant (Rank holder) -Vikram Goradia (Co-founder, Director) Has over 35 years of experience in international business. -Technical Team 12