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Universe. Technical Subgroup on the Movement of Natural Persons (Paris, 31 January -2 February 2005). Overview. Why? Different alternatives to meet the needs of BPM5 GATS – Mode 4 Points for discussion. Why?. Define the boundaries according to different needs

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Technical Subgroup on the Movement of Natural Persons

(Paris, 31 January -2 February 2005)

  • Why?
  • Different alternatives to meet the needs of
    • BPM5
    • GATS – Mode 4
  • Points for discussion
  • Define the boundaries according to different needs
  • Identify flows relevant to different types of analysis which may be classified in different components of BPM5 of 1993 SNA
choice of the universe
Choice of the universe
  • Linked to the objectives of the framework, which are:
    • Measuring the impacts of movement of persons/migration
    • Measuring the impacts of GATS Mode 4
measuring the impact of migration
Measuring the impact of migration
  • Broad universe
    • All residents
  • Narrow universe
    • Migrants




  • Easy to assess
  • Will match the need for the definition of remittances –migrant and non-migrant - covering all household to household transfers


  • Too broad for practical purpose still may need to look only at migrants

Migrants are defined in BPM5 and migration statistics (broadly speaking) as persons who live of have intention to live in the country for more than a year

No mention of when a migrant ceases to be a migrant.

Possible criteria to define a migrant are:

Not being a citizen

Being born abroad

Staying in the country for a certain number of years

universe non citizens

Easy to assess

Clear-cut criterion – based on law


Becoming a citizen does not imply weaker ties with the country of origin

May not be a relevant criterion for certain countries

Universe - Non-citizens
universe foreign born
Universe – Foreign born


  • Easy to assess


  • May not be relevant – especially with increased globalization

Cross tabulating country of citizenship with country of birth may provide useful info

universe length of stay
Universe – Length of stay


  • Uniform application across countries (e.g. after X year a person ceases to be a migrant)


  • Difficult to assess
  • May not entitle to acquisition of any legal rights (e.g. illegal immigrants, may still be in a country on a temporary visa, etc.)
universe gats mode 4
Universe – GATS Mode 4
  • Sub-universe of the universe of the framework
  • How to slice it?
    • Eliminate all citizens
    • Eliminate all permanent residents
    • Further slice on the basis of:
      • Type of contract
      • Industry where the Mode 4 person works
      • Occupational categories
points for discussion
Points for discussion
  • Does the TSG agree with the choice of all residents as the universe for the statistical framework?
  • Or should the universe be limited to migrants?
    • Which criterion to define a migrant would the TSG prefer?
  • Does the TSG think that a definition of migrant is needed? If yes, does the TSG agree with the following definition:

“Persons who have become residents of a country by virtue of being expected to live there for a year or more, until they either become citizens or are born in the country, at which point the cease to be migrants”.

  • Does the TSG agree with defining the Mode 4 universe as a sub-universe of the framework universe, sliced according to selected variables? Which variables?