Native americans of the plains
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Native Americans of the Plains. By Gabi, Taylor, Cassie, Sierra , Nicole. Homes of the Plains Indians.

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Native americans of the plains

Native Americans of the Plains

By Gabi, Taylor, Cassie, Sierra, Nicole

Homes of the plains indians
Homes of the Plains Indians

  • Native American of the Plains lived in tipis. These were made out of buffalo hides. It usually took about 18 hides to make a tipi. It was the women’s job to set up the tipi and take it down. When the tribes moved to follow the buffalo they carried the tipi on a travois. Tipis were sometimes decorated with berry dye.

Native americans of the plains

  • The Native Americans who lived on the Plains ate buffalo, deer, wolves, and prairie dogs. They also gathered berries, nuts, and seeds. But they mostly relied on the buffalo to give them everything they needed.


  • Indians of the plains used the buffalo to make their clothing. Women wore dresses, leggings, and moccasins. Sometimes they were decorated with quills. Men wore eagle feathers, breechcloths, and wore moccasins.