the native americans n.
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The Native Americans PowerPoint Presentation
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The Native Americans

The Native Americans

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The Native Americans

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  1. The Native Americans By Florence, Ruby, Anjali, Benson, Herman and Philip

  2. Sun dance • The Sundance was a very important ceremony. • The Indians believed that the dance would bring pain and suffering to them selves. The more pain, the happier the spirits and the more blessings. • The Indians would have any warrior and the warrior would have a rope stuck on to his chest and the other end would be connected to the top of a pole sticking out of the ground and the warrior would lean back which will bring pain.

  3. Now let the ceremony begin!!!

  4. The Native Americans: Were they that cruel? “The Indians were cruel, bloodthirsty and uncivilised. They left old people and babies to die. They made men dance with rawhide strips through their chests. They scalped their enemies. The Indians were peaceful The Indians were cruel Scalping only came from the Americans and was not a actual ritual of the natives. Family The Natives believed in peace and respect for all living things. They ate raw buffalo, tearing out the meat barbarically. Even women did this. Families were very closely knit together. They had a ritual of the ‘Sun Dance’ War and Battle The elders would leave he band to avoid slowing down the band or being a bother Children were taught the honours of fighting and war. The men danced with] rawhide strips in their chests The natives loved their children dearly and rarely would punish them. Even so, the punishment would be minor like a bowl of water is poured on the head. Their music was harsh and composed of yelps, shouts and other noises. The women would try to have as many babies as possible to increase the amount of future men. Once, a squaw killed a young and small child saying that he was too tiny to travel. A scalp to the natives was like a ticket to the happy hunting grounds (or heaven).

  5. Thank You for listening to our presentation I hope you have liked it.