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Showcase China and the Beijing Olympics

Showcase China and the Beijing Olympics. History of the Olympics (page 5 to 8). Just the facts about China (page 2 to 4). Beijing, the host of the 2008 Olympic (page 9 to 10). 3 Olympic games sports (page 11to 13). 3 Athlete Profiles (page14 to 16). Facts about China 1 !.

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Showcase China and the Beijing Olympics

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  1. Showcase China and the Beijing Olympics History of the Olympics (page 5 to 8) Just the facts about China (page 2 to 4) Beijing, the host of the 2008 Olympic (page 9 to 10) 3 Olympic games sports (page 11to 13) 3 Athlete Profiles (page14 to 16)

  2. Facts about China 1 ! China is the fourth largest country and its land length is 9,596,960Sq kilometres. Shanghai and Beijing are two of the largest and most populous cities in the world. At the moment the Great Wall of China, is 6,000km long, but if different dynasties continue to build on to the Great Wall of China, it may become over 50,000km long! The Great wall is about 2,638 years old! China has the most population in the world. The population is approximately 1.3billion. The world’s population is 6.7billion. So China’s population is about 20% of the whole world population.

  3. Facts about China 2 ! Ice Cream was invented in China around 2000BC When the Chinese packed soft milk and rice mixture in the snow.

  4. Facts about China 3 ! Facts about China presents The Forbidden CityThe Forbidden City or Forbidden Palace, located at the exact center of the ancient city of Beijing, was the imperial palace during the mid-Ming and the Qing dynasties. Nowdays also known as the Palace Museum, its extensive grounds cover 720,000 square meters, 800 buildings and more than 8,000 rooms. China is situated in eastern Asia on the western shore of the Pacific Ocean, with an area of 9.6 million square kilometres. China's continental coastline extends for about 18,000 kilometres, and its vast sea surface is studded with more than 5,000 islands, of which Taiwan and Hainin are the largest. Chinese Bank Note

  5. History of The Olympics According to legend, the ancient Olympic Games were founded by Heracles (the Roman Hercules), a son of Zeus. Yet the first Olympic Games for which we still have written records were held in 776 BCE (though it is generally believed that the Games had been going on for many years already). At this Olympic Games, a naked runner, Coroebus (a cook from Elis), won the sole event at the Olympics, the stade - a run of approximately 192 meters (210 yards). This made Coroebus the very first Olympic champion in history.

  6. History of Olympics 2! The Ancient Greek Olympics were held every 4 years. This 4-year period was known as an "Olympiad" 2008 Olympics mascots stands for the continents of the world. Some people invented an Xbox game of the Olympics.

  7. History of the Olympics 3 Pierre de Coubertin got the idea for this phrase from a speech given by Bishop Ethelbert Talbot at a service for Olympic champions during the 1908 Olympic Games. The Olympic Creed reads: "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well." The Olympic Flame or Olympic Torch is a symbol of the Olympic Games. Commemorating the theft of fire from Zeus, the Greek god, by Prometsius. Its origins lie in ancient Greece, when a fire was kept burning throughout the celebration of the ancient Olympics. The torch is 72 cm high and weighs 980 grams. It is made of aluminium. The shape of the torch is of the paper scroll and the lucky clouds graphic is used to enhance the design. Olympic Torch

  8. History of the Olympics 3 Did you know that there were only Greek men competitors? Women were neither allowed to compete nor watch. There were only a few sports. Wrestling, Chariot racing, Sprints and horse racing.

  9. Beijing host of the 2008 olympics The Great wall of China is one of China’s main tourist attractions. The great wall of China has about 1,324,557 tourists every year! The Great Wall is the world's longest man-made structure and is (3,948 miles) and it can be seen from satellite in space! The Great Wall of China is 6,700 km long!

  10. Beijing host of the 2008 Olympics 2 Lying at the center of Beijing, the Forbidden City, called Gu Gong in Chinese, was the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Now known as the Palace Museum, it is to the north of Tiananmen Square. Rectangular in shape, it is the world's largest palace complex and covers 74 hectares. Surrounded by a six meter deep moat and a ten meter high wall are 9,999 rooms.

  11. Profile on three Olympic sports This year at the Olympics, Argentina won Gold at Football (soccer). They beat Nigeria 1-0 in the final. Brazil were hot favourites to win gold but were lawn-mown 3-0 by Argentina in the semi-final. VS. Argentina Nigeria

  12. Profile on three Olympic sports 2 Taekwondo is the martial art originated from Korea. To win you need to kick the opponent's head or belly. Korea won the most gold medals this year as usual. Korea got 4 gold medals in Taekwondo.

  13. Profile of three Olympic sports 3 In the mens Water-polo Hungary won gold with USA coming 2nd and Serbia coming 3rd. In the woman's water polo the Netherlands took home gold while the USA settled for 2nd the aussies like it or lump it, take 3rd.

  14. Olympic Athlete profile Tae Hwan Park nick-named marine boy, of South Korea, has won one Gold medal and one silver medal at the Beijing Olympics 2008. Tae Hwan Park is a 400m and 1500m specialist. He is only 18 years old! His time was 3 minutes,42 seconds. Jayden reckons he’s muscular and Brayden agrees.

  15. Olympic athlete profile 2 Mahe Drysdale is one of the countries best athletes. On the day of the final he was sick. Really sick. He competed in the final and came 3rd. After wards he got out of his kayak and started spewing up.

  16. Olympic Athlete Profile 3 Valerie Villi is one of the worlds best ever shot-putters. This year she won a gold medal at the Olympics. No-one even got close to her. She is married to a man. Her number of meters thrown is 21.56.

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