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2008 Beijing Olympics

2008 Beijing Olympics. the Game and Your Business. 2008 Beijing Olympics: Facts & Figures. Opening Ceremony: August 8, 2008, 8:08 pm Closing Ceremony: August 24, 2008 Hosting City: Beijing (main venue) 10,500 athletes, 302 events, 28 sports

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2008 Beijing Olympics

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  1. 2008 Beijing Olympics the Game and Your Business

  2. 2008 Beijing Olympics: Facts & Figures • Opening Ceremony: August 8, 2008, 8:08 pm • Closing Ceremony: August 24, 2008 • Hosting City: Beijing (main venue) • 10,500 athletes, 302 events, 28 sports • 1.5 million visitors (500,000 overseas, 1 million domestic) • 10,000 drivers with 2,500 buses and 4,500 minibuses • 66,000 taxis on service • Co-hosting cities • Shanghai, Shenyang, Qinhuangdao and Tianjin (soccer) • Qingdao (sailing), and Hong Kong (equestrian) • Facilities • 37 in Beijing

  3. Beijing University Gymnasium Laoshan Velodrome China Agricultural University Gymnasium National Stadium National Aquatics Center Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium Olympic Sports Center Stadium National Indoor Stadium Beijing Workers' Stadium A Glimpse of Facilities & Architecture

  4. Game Venue in Beijing • New Venues in Beijing • National Stadium • National Aquatics Center • National Indoor Stadium • Beijing Shooting Range Hall • Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium • Laoshan Velodrome • Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park • China Agricultural University Gymnasium • Peking University Gymnasium • Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium • Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium • Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Court • Existing Venues in Beijing • Olympic Sports Center Stadium • Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium • Beijing Workers' Stadium • Beijing Workers' Gymnasium • Capital Indoor Stadium • Fengtai Sports Center Softball Field • Yingdong Natatorium of National Olympic Sports Center • Laoshan Mountain Bike Course • Beijing Shooting Range CTF • Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium • Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics Gymnasium • Temporary Venues in Beijing • Fencing Hall of National Convention Center • Beijing Olympic Green Hockey Stadium • Beijing Olympic Green Archery Field • Beijing Wukesong Sports Center Baseball Field • Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground • Laoshan Bicycle Moto Cross (BMX) Venue • Triathlon Venue • Road Cycling Course

  5. Environment Control Zone • 200 miles radias • Beijing • Tianjin • Hebei • Shanxi • Shandong • Inner Mongolia Areas for priority air quality improvement

  6. Green Olympics • Six-region Environment Coordination Group • Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Inner Mongolia • 70% of power plants have installed scrubbers • Thousands of old buses and trucks scrapped • Primary pollutant targets • carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulates and ozone • Primary targeted installations/facilities • Coal fired power plants • Petrochemical refinery • Metallurgical foundry and plants • Cement and concrete mixing/pouring projects • Quarrying activities

  7. Vehicle & Traffic Control • Vehicle control • Effective March 1st, Beijing adopted Euro IV vehicle emission standard • Registered vehicles will have Green/Yellow labels • Only “Green Labels” allowed into the city • Traffic control: Jul 20th to Sept 20th • Three traffic control measures • 280km dedicated Olympic lanes to separate Olympic traffic from others • Only Green label vehicles in the city • Odd-even vehicle plate number regulations in effect July 20 • No control from midnight to 5 am

  8. Latest Update • Selected industrial facilities to scale down production • Mainly steel mills/chemical refinery, to cut 30% pollution • Cement plants, concrete mixing and grinding plants in southwest Beijing to stop operation during game • Half of Beijing’s 3.3 million vehicles to be off during game • Beijing Steel, Beijing Eastern Petrochemical and a few coal boilers power plants are primary targets • From Jul 20th, all digging/pouring of concrete suspended • Gas stations, oil depots and tanker trucks must equip with vapor recovery installations • Additional measures depends on meteorological conditions prevailing before and during game

  9. Beijing Shougang Hongye Steel Plant Beijing Plate Glass Group Corp No.1 Wire Rod Mill of ShouGang Ltd. Beijing Qinchang Glass Co. Beijing Deer Metro Life Articles Co Beijing Nankou Glass Bottle Co. Ltd. Beijing Shougang Gitane Alloy Co Building Material Co. Beixin Group Beijing Xiliu Building Materials Co Beijing Xiang Brand Wall Materials Co Beijing Shougang Building Materials Chemical Factory CSR Beijing No.27 Locomotive Works CNR Beijing No.27 Locomotive works Beijing Shougang No.2 Refractory Material Co Beijing Shougang Kanghong Strip Steel Factory Beijing Xingmin Glassware Factory Beijing Fangrui Foundry Co. Ltd. Beijing Famed Machinery Co., Ltd Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Group 21 Major Polluters Scaled Down Operations • Factory to minimize production: • Beijing Shougang Steel Group • Factory to stop production: • Eastern Chemical Co. of Beijing Eastern Petrochemical Co., Ltd • Factories to further reduce emission 30% above standard

  10. Potential Impact On Your Business • Traffic Control • Normal transportation could be disrupted from time to time • Ship movement at selected ports could slow down • Staff commuting could be restricted • Vehicles not meeting standards will not be taken off the road • Supply shortage could happen • If your facilities are clean but your suppliers’ are not … • If your facilities are in restricted zones, your suppliers may not reach you • Pollution Control • If your products generate pollutants … or • If your downstream production generate pollutants • Power supply shortage • Power plant shut-down, albeit on limited scale, could disrupt production

  11. OOCL & OOCL Logistics Plans • Inform our valued customers • Government plans, actions, regulations • Communicate with all relevant parties • Issues, problems and assessment • Manage your business with care • Vendor selection, backup, risk control • Act on solutions and contingencies • Action plans and solutions Government expected to announce more details soon

  12. Key Points • Air quality a priority for Beijing during 2008 Olympics • 21 major polluters already operate on reduced scale • Other polluters may need to scale down during game • Most environmental measures have already been taken • Further actions will depend air quality in May, June, July • Power supply could be regulated during game period • Traffic control will be implemented • Staff commuting maybe affected

  13. See you in Beijing ! Information contained in this presentation is tentative and has not been endorsed by any government authorities. OOCL or OOCL Logistics holds no liability for any misinformation.

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