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KYVL (Kentucky Virtual Library) PowerPoint Presentation
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KYVL (Kentucky Virtual Library)

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KYVL (Kentucky Virtual Library) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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KYVL (Kentucky Virtual Library)
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  1. KYVL (Kentucky Virtual Library) Sullivan University Library Database Instruction

  2. What is KYVL? • A statewide library consortium providing access to library and information resources, including: • Periodical, Newspaper and Reference Book Databases • Government Information • Photographic Archives • Online Library Catalogs • Kentuckiana Digital Library

  3. How Do You Access The KYVL Databases? • Go to • Click Articles and E-Books. • Click Login to Databases. • Enter your username and password according to the instructions below the link (off-campus only). • Click KYVL from the list of popular databases.

  4. *Images taken from the KYVL web site Accessing the KYVL Databases This is the main page to the KYVL.

  5. *Images taken from the KYVL web site Accessing the KYVL Databases Click KYVL Resources

  6. Accessing the KYVL Databases Off Campus If you want to access the KYVL off campus, you will need a user ID and password. You can obtain the ID and Password by logging in to the databases page at

  7. *Images taken from the KYVL web site The KYVL Screen Click one of the icons under Connect directly to: to reach one of the databases.

  8. *Images taken from the KYVL web site Choose a Single Database You can also click the Find a Database button. A listing of databases and online library catalogs will appear. Choose one to start a search.

  9. KYVL Conclusion There are other components of KYVL that have not been discussed. Please go to you want to learn more.