hamster water ball a texas based company n.
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Bubble Soccer PowerPoint Presentation
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Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer

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Bubble Soccer

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  1. Hamster Water Ball, a Texas based company specializing in inflatables, also known as human hamster ball, water walking ball, hamster human ball, provides the fun water sports products such as the human sized hamster balls, dance balls, water rollers, inflatable roller balls, human hamster balls, nuclear globes, zorbing ramps, inflatable show balls, body zorbings, bumper balls, sumozorbs, bubble soccers, inflatable swimming pools, water games, inflatable water parks, water trampolines, inflatable boats, zorb balls for sale and other accessories locally and overseas. The water balls, water walking balls, water walkerz that we carry include PVC ball and TPU ball which bring you the water walking fun to the highest extent. The durable water walking ball lets you walk or run on water without getting wet. Zorbing(globe-riding, sphereing, orbing, zorb) is the recreation or sport of rolling downhill inside an orb, a giant inflatable ball, zorb globe, giant inflatable human hamster ball, generally made of transparent plastic. It’s great for using down hills, parks, play areas, football pitches and zorbing ramp, zorbing orbit. We also can provide you zorb balls for use on water(Aqua Zorb, Hydro Zorb, Glow Zorb, Shining Zorb).

  2. About us :- All of our inflatable products are made of highly durable fire-retardant PVC tarpaulin which has 3 layers, double-coated sides with a strong net inside. The flame retardant performance meets the BS 7837 standard published by British Standards Institution. Our high strength base fabric has 1300×1300 denier which translates to a more tear resistant and stronger final product. A strong zipper is equipped at the bottom of each inflatable and on top of the zipper, you will see the zipper cover which can reduce the pressure on the zipper. The zipper can help you deflate the inflatable more quickly. Our anchors are constructed of heavy duty vinyl and heavy duty metal rings. Those anchor points are keys to stabilize the unit against winds.

  3. Bubble Soccer :- We are one of the leading online stores for all your bubble soccer requirements. We offer top quality products at the most reasonable rates. Call us today!

  4. Water Walking Ball:- You may not any angel, but that will not stop you from having fun in the water walking ball, Just grab these products we have and ensure unlimited fun with your family. Inflatable water park is a very exciting and interesting water game for adults and children. Players can climb on, sit on, and walk on the different parts of it like inflatable iceberg, trampoline, slides, totters, and so on. The 0.9mm commercial grade reinforced PVC tarpaulin(waterproof & flame resistance) is used to make all the water games. The sizes and colors can also be custom-made according to your requirements.

  5. Address:- 8 Cramptons GapRichardson, TX 75080 USA