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Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter, the most addictive online game. This game will keep you addicted for a few hours everyday. Bubble shooter started it's way 2 decades ago on the old classic pc's and now it comes in different varieties. Join thousands bubble shooter fans around the world and make your way to the top. if you are tired about this game, you can look for some more bubble shooter games at our friend's website. We will sure you will enjoy the games here though.

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Bubble Shooter

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  1. Online bubble shooter games as a best free game on the internet History of bubble shooter: Games, a few years before there were just some people who were well aware from games. Games were introduced in the late 90’s, and as the time passed by gaming industries move ahead to their success. Online bubble shooter is the game played till the start to these days. We are well aware to the games now days. With the passage of time games are developing and this development is increasing day by day. In these days there are millions of gamers out there and one of the famous games among them is the online bubble shooter.

  2. Gaming is the best way to get entertained. In the past few years games were just limited to only one person, the mean to say it was that only one person can play the game. but with the passage of time and with the advancement of internet now games are played online, not only one user can play the game but multiple users can play it at the same time sitting at different locations. As we were, talking about online bubble shooter games. At the binging this game was none more than a simple flash game whose main objective is to shoot and pop the bubbles. With the passage of time this game developed and has more viewers and players throughout the world and its levels become more difficult and more intrusting to play. With the passage of time the bubble shooter become more advanced and become online bubble shooter.

  3. How this game is played and how to gain maximum scores: Now the main problem arises that how this game is played and how to gain maximum scores in online bubble shooter. Bubble shooter is a very simple game and one can easily gain high scores by just using strategy. We are given with some 30-40 bubbles with different colors and we have to pop up those bubbles by making pairs of 3 or more bubbles, by shooting bubbles of different colors with a bubble gun. Grater the popping pair higher will be the scores u gain. One can either deflect the bubble which he is shooting to a different angle with the help of side walls. As one move on to the higher level in it, its difficulty also increases.

  4. Some good things about playing this game: Now online bubble shooter is the best game online and a person with good internet connection can easily gain enjoyment from this game. Many children love to play this game and I am playing this game since I was a child. The main advantage of playing online is that each time we play we are introduced to something new and we meet different people who are playing this game.

  5. Some bad things about playing this game As there are many advantages if this game but there is disadvantages too some people specially students play this game and become addicted to it and play this game in most of their time and ultimately fail to save their valuable time. To those people who are too addicted towards this game I say that they should give time to other things in this world also. Well its upon them that how they go on with their time. And sitting, playing games all the time also affects us physically and mentally. Let us just take an example of our eye sight playing games also effects our eyesight and another example is while playing you are suffering from a headache this is the main proof that playing games effect us mentally. So it’s better for us to take care of certain precautions while playing games.

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