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Career Clusters

Career Clusters. 16 Clusters= 6 Pathways Organize career clusters into 6 Pathways That are similar or have the Same interest area. Career Clusters/Pathway. 1. What is meant by the Pathway Approach?

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Career Clusters

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  1. Career Clusters 16 Clusters= 6 Pathways Organize career clusters into 6 Pathways That are similar or have the Same interest area.

  2. Career Clusters/Pathway • 1. What is meant by the Pathway Approach? Most of you, when asked to think about careers can only think of those, you have observed in your lifetime. *Examples: doctor, lawyer, police officer, teacher, actors, models……

  3. Clusters/ Pathways • There are many occupations in the world of work, which you have not come into contact. • Rapid changes in technology are creating new occupations, deleting, occupations and changing job tasks. • It is impossible for anyone to recall all the titles of the occupations that exist.

  4. 16 Clusters/ Pathways • In order for us to understand the work of work, there had to be a way to place occupations into groups to help understand and investigate careers. • Some careers do fall into more than one pathway. Example: Vet (Health and Natural Resources) • Now..lets take the “16 career clusters” into 6 Pathways

  5. 16 Clusters • Careers in the pathways will require different levels of education. • Example: Business, Management &Tech Cashiers: HS preferred Sales Representative: Bachelors Degree Computer Info Specialist- Masters Degree

  6. 16 Cluster Approach= 6 Pathways • The clusters approach to classifying careers can help you discover many careers in your pathway!

  7. Clusters/ Pathway Approach • You will gain knowledge of careers you did not know existed. • By discovering new careers you are more likely to find a career that is the right fit for you!

  8. Presenting the ………. 16 Career Clusters= 6 Pathways!!!!

  9. Career Cluster’s and Pathways …Lets look at each of the clusters…AND how it is connected to it’s “Pathway..

  10. 1. Arts and Communication~ Cluster and Pathway • Be Ready Express Yourself!!! • Find an opportunity for artists, writers or performers….

  11. Careers in “Arts and Communication” • Animators • Choreographer • Photographer • Graphic Artist • Publisher • Reporter • Multi-media Artists

  12. 2. Agricultural/ Food/ Natural Resources~ Cluster and Pathway • Natural Career Choices • The world of natural resources and agriculture….

  13. Agricultural, Food and Natural Resources • Food Scientist • Botanist • Landscaper • Logger • Farmer • Environmental Agent

  14. 3. Business Pathway • Business Management & Administration • Finance • Information Technology • Marketing

  15. Business and Management, and Technology Business Planning Careers for managers, consultants and more…

  16. Business & Management • Web Master • Sales Representative • Translators/Interpretor • Company President (CEO) • Customer Service Rep.

  17. Finance • If you are good at numbers, want to play the stock market, or enjoy working with the public, then Finance could be the right career cluster for you.

  18. Finance • Business Financial Management • Financial & Investment Planning • Insurance Services • Banking & Related Services • Actuaries • Financial Manager

  19. Information and Technology • If you are good at grasping how technology works, have an idea for a new website or computer game, or want a career that is always changing, then Information Technology may be the right cluster for you.

  20. Information and Technology • Database Administrator • Web Developer • Network Systems Administrator • Software Engineer

  21. Marketing & Sales • If you want to learn how to package yourself for success, sell any type of product or service, or serve all kinds of customers, then Marketing may be the right cluster for you.

  22. Marketing & Sales • Sales Manager • Entrepreneur • Marketing Manager • Professional Sales

  23. 4. Health Services~ Cluster and Pathway • Healthy Career Choices…..Explore careers that help others healthcare needs.

  24. Careers in Health Services • Nurse • Dentist • Surgeon • Physician (All Types) • Physical Therapist • Pharmacists • Veterinarians

  25. 5. Human Services ~Pathway • Human Services • Education and Training • Government & Public Safety • Hospitality and Tourism • Law and Public Safety

  26. Human Services • Making a Difference • Careers for helping others everyday …

  27. Human Services • Chef • Social Worker • Lawyer • Firefighter • Real Estate Agent • Cosmetologist

  28. Education and Training • If you yearn to learn, feel a calling to teach, or would like to work in a favorite subject area, then Education & Training could be the right career cluster for you.

  29. Education and Training • Childhood Educator • Education Counselor • Education Administrator • Instructional Specialist • Teacher (Pre K-12) • College Professor

  30. Government & Public Service • If you want to serve your community, run for public office someday, or protect our rights and freedoms, then Government & Public Service may be the right cluster for you.

  31. Government & Public Service • Interpreter & Translator • Legislator • Public Mgmt. & Admin. City Manager • Urban & Regional Planner • Military Officer • Fish and Game Warden

  32. Hospitality and Tourism • The job of keeping others happy falls to the workers in “Hospitality and Training cluster. If you would like to see the world and enjoy making others happy this might be the cluster for you!

  33. Hospitality and Tourism • Lodging Manager • Recreation Worker • Chef & Head Cook • Travel & Tourism Director

  34. Law & Public Safety • If you have a calling to serve others, can keep a cool head under pressure, or love the law, then a career in Law, Public Safety could be for YOU!

  35. Law & Public Safety • Corrections Officer • Firefighter • Police Patrol Officer • Lawyer • Security Guard

  36. 6. Science & Engineering TechnologyCluster and Pathway • Science & Engineering Technology • Architecture and Construction • Manufacturing • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

  37. Science & Engineering Technology • Engineering Your Career Future • Jobs for people who like Math and Science…..

  38. Science & Engineering • Robotics Engineer • Chemical Engineer • Engineering Manager • Microbiologist • Electrician • Aerospace Engineer

  39. Architecture &Construction • Occupations that involve all phases of the building industry.

  40. Architecture &Construction • Architect • Surveyor • Landscape Architect • Plumber • Cost Estimator

  41. Manufacturing • If you like building things can follow detailed instructions, or are good at organizing people and processes, then Manufacturing could be the right career cluster for you.

  42. Manufacturing • Materials Handler • Production Manager • Industrial Technician • Welder

  43. Transportation Distribution and Logistics • Fix or repair items; make or produce products; move people and product form one place to another….

  44. Transportation, Distribution & Logistics • Airline Pilot • Air Traffic Controller • Aircraft Mechanic • Postal Service Clerk • Flight Engineer

  45. Cluster ~ Pathway Information

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