Mixed emotions
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Mixed Emotions. Module 2. What are things that make you laugh?? Comic Cartoon Witty Slapstick comedians ( physical,visual humour ) Stand-up comedians (one person telling jokes) Sketches(skits). Different Text Types.

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Mixed emotions

Mixed Emotions

Module 2

Different text types
Different Text Types

  • An Anecdote: is a short and amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person

  • A Corny Joke: such a stupid joke that you have to laugh at it.

  • A Non-P.C. joke (politically correct)- could be offensive, not caring about other’s feelings

  • A put-down: humor that disrupts and weakens a team or person

  • A limerick: a 5 line poem that is witty and humorous

  • An epigram: a brief clever usually memorable statement

  • A pun: a play on words

  • A scene from a sitcom: self explanatory

What is this
What is this??

  • “I’m reading a book about anti-gravity..it’s so hard to put down!”

  • A PUN

What is this1
What is this?

  • There was an Old Man with a nose,Who said, 'If you choose to suppose,That my nose is too long,You are certainly wrong!'That remarkable Man with a nose.

  • A Limerick

What is this2
What is this?

  • “Excited First Grader: I learned how to write in school today.

  • Mother: What did you write?

  • Excited First Grader: I don’t know. They haven’t taught us to read yet!”

  • A Corny Joke

What is this3
What is this?

  • "Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about wine."(Fran Lebowitz)

  • An Epigram

Cleft sentences
Cleft Sentences

  • What is it?

    • A complex sentence which has a meaning that could be expressed by a simple sentence.

  • Why do we use it?

    • To put a particular component into focus

  • Is there an equation??

    • It + conjugated form of to be + X + subordinate clause

    • X: noun phrase, prep phrase or adjectival/ adverbial phrase

      It + is+ Joey+ for whom we are looking.

      We are looking for Joey.

      It+ is+ money+ I love.

      I love money.

Different kinds of cleft starters
Different kinds of cleft starters

  • It-cleft: It is Jaime for whom we are looking.

  • Wh-cleft: What he wanted to buy was a Fiat.

  • Reversed wh-cleft/Pseudo-cleft: A Fiat is what he wanted to buy.

  • All-cleft: All he wanted to buy was a Fiat.

  • There-cleft: And then there's a new house he wanted to build.

  • If-because cleft: If he wants to be an actor it's because he wants to be famous.

Subordinate clauses
Subordinate Clauses

  • afteralthoughasbecausebeforeeven ifeven thoughifin order that onceprovided thatrather thansinceso thatthanthatthoughunless untilwhenwheneverwherewhereaswhereverwhetherwhilewhy

Re write these sentences as cleft sentences
Re-write these sentences as cleft sentences

  • You need a few days’ rest and recreation.(what)

  • Money is the thing people care about nowadays. (It)

  • We need someone to help us, not someone to criticize.(What)

  • I like the way he always listens sympathetically. (What)

  • His attitude towards other people really annoys me. (It)

  • I don’t understand why you had to lie to me. (What)

  • I didn’t decide to take a short cut across the country! (It)

  • The world needs love, peace and understanding. (What)


  • What you need is a few days’ rest and recreation.

  • It’s money that people care about nowadays.

  • What we need is someone to help us, not someone to criticize.

  • What I like (about him) is the way he always listens sympathetically.

  • It’s his attitude towards other people that really annoys me.

  • What I don’t understand is why you had to lie to me.

  • It wasn’t me who decided to take a short cut across country!

  • What the world needs is love, peace and understanding.