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Emotions. By Mrs. Rachel Bohnhoff To coincide with School Connect Lesson 2.1, 2.2. Emotions are the primary indicator of what matters to us and of how we experience life. Emotions are only one of the factors that we consider in making personal decisions.

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By Mrs. Rachel Bohnhoff

To coincide with School Connect Lesson 2.1, 2.2

recognizing emotions
Recognizing Emotions
  • This helps us to make informed and responsible decisions.
  • Automatic Response that arises from unconscious thought.

Example) a car coming toward us = automatic fear that causes us to act


Emotions arise without us

being aware of them.

auto appraising
Auto Appraising

= a subconscious process in which we use our senses to scan the environment for signs of danger.

and our initial reactions are largely out of our control.

reflective appraising
Reflective Appraising
  • Recognize how you are feeling.

this is a conscious process in which we evaluate how situations might affect us.

(the physical expressions and

sensations that accompany various



Emotions provide us with information that is important to our well being.

how do we recognize emotions in ourselves
How do we recognize emotions in ourselves?

………..Through physical sensations.




Physically Depressed

what sensation do you get when you feel fear
What sensation do you get when you feel fear?
  • Tingly
  • Cold
  • Lightheaded
  • Unable to move
why is it important to be aware of emotions
Why is it important to be aware of emotions?

Being aware of emotions helps us in making decisions, resolving problems, and responding to situation and events.