Unit 8 you dirty rat
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Unit 8: You Dirty Rat. True Account. Building Background. During WW II, German occupied France. French resistance workers interrupt German communications. Resistance operations carried out in secret, to protect the lives of the workers. Many of the workers hid in the mountains & countryside

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Unit 8 you dirty rat

Unit 8: You Dirty Rat

True Account

Building background
Building Background

  • During WW II, German occupied France.

  • French resistance workers interrupt German communications.

  • Resistance operations carried out in secret, to protect the lives of the workers.

  • Many of the workers hid in the mountains & countryside

  • They were protected by countryfolk & supplied by British airdrops.

Key 2 true account
Key 2 True Account

  • True account is about real people, places, & events.

  • You dirty rat means “one who sells out or rats on a fellow criminal.”

Words 2 know
Words 2 Know

  • Smuggle v. take secretly

  • Conceal v. hide

  • Torture v. make someone suffer a lot of pain

  • Intrigued v. interested

  • Comical adj. funny

    Open Workbook page 96

Compound words

  • Two words join together.

  • What is the compound words?

    a.) The clown’s comical outfit included purple bedroom slippers and a bright orange nightgown.

    b.) The magician intended to smuggle himself out of the auditorium in something smaller than a matchbox.

    Open Workbook page 95

Compound words1
Compound words

  • Under + ground

  • Floor + boards

  • Every + one

  • Out + side

  • Wood + work

  • Day + light

  • him + self

Compound words2
Compound Words

  • Bedroom

  • Broom = sapu + stick

  • Earth + quake

  • Door + bell

Compound words3
Compound Words

  • Fire= api + fighter= petarung pemadamkebakaran

  • Sun=matahari + shine+ bersinar  sinarmatahari

  • Hand=tangan + writing= tulisan  tulisantangan

  • Hair=rambut + brush=sikat  sisir

1 st part

1st part

Page 230, lines 1 - 27


  • Line 2: lives depended on

  • Line 3: storm troopers

  • Line 7-8: in force

  • Line 23: in a sense

  • Line 27: floorboards


  • Which signal words tell you what time of day it is when this selection begins?

    It’s past midnight.

  • REREAD: What do you think their business is?

    Spying on the Germans; stealing a German military map.

  • Think it through: Why is the meeting a secret?

    The men are spies with the French Underground.

2 nd part

2nd part

Page 231, lines 29-54


  • Line 29: think out loud

  • Line 36: cost all of our lives

  • Line 43: upcoming

  • Lines 53-54: mind you


  • REREAD: Why is the map important?

    It contains information that will help the Allies (USA, England, Russia) in their upcoming invasion of Europe.

  • Think it through: What is the men’s goal? What problems stand in their way?

    Goal: smuggling the map out of the castle & delivering it to the city of Caen.

    Problems: getting past the Nazi guards; concealing the map which is quite large.

3 rd part

3rd part

Page 232, lines 55-93


  • Line 78: laid a huge hand on

  • Line 81: had better come up with

  • Line 84: lunch bucket

  • Line 86: neared the castle entrance

  • Line 88: waved him on

  • Compound words: fingernails, fireplaces


  • Think it through: Why does getting the map out of the castle seem impossible?

    The Nazi soldiers stop and search everyone who leaves the castle.

4 th part

4th part

Page 233, lines 94-127


  • Line 109: shrunk back

  • Line 114: leaks out

  • Lines 123-124: in place of food


  • What do you think Pinault’s plan will be?

  • Think it through: How does Pinault surprise the other men?

    He tells them to carry rats in their lunch buckets in place of food.

5 th part

5th part

Pages 234-235, lines 128-162


  • Line 131: moving about

  • Line 135: city dump

  • Line 142: see that his staff learns of me

  • Lines 155-156: let out a howl

  • Line 156: fouled

  • Compound words:

    a.) woodwork: work made of wood

    b.) thirty-six


  • REREAD: Why does Pinault say he is rat catcher when he is really a teacher?

    It is part of his plan.

  • Think it through: What is Pinault’s plan for getting inside the castle?

    He will pretend as rat catcher to catch the rats they have planted in the castle.

6 th part

6th part

Pages 236-237, lines 163-195


  • Line 163: keep his ear attuned

  • Line 164: put in a quick apperance

  • Line 174: presto!

  • Line 176: on Le Du’s part

  • Line 188: broad daylight


  • REREAD: Why does Le Du ask for two days?

    He is trying to buy enough time for Pinault to carry out his plan.

  • Think it through: How does Le Du save the plan?

    He tells the general that the rats are a special breed of French rats that will only respond to the village rat catcher. This keeps the general from having his own workers get rid of the rats.

7 th part

7th part

Pages 237-238, lines 196-233


  • Compound words: coveralls

  • Line 219: fumbled about


  • REREAD lines 207-212. Write down the signal words.

    First, he tells Le Du to help him catch some rats. Then he tells him to stand by with the map. After the box contains six rats, Pinault takes the box and leaves.

  • Think it through: Why does Pinault bring out only rats on the first trip?

    to keep the guards from looking into the box when he came out next time with the map.

8 th part

8th part

Pages 238-239, lines 234-259


  • Line 243: up to

  • Lines 254-255: hurried through the gate


  • How does Pinault fool the guard?

  • The other two men had no confidence in Pinault. How did his behavior help him succeed?

  • Why didn’t Pinault explain his plan to the other two men?

  • This event really happened. Why does it seem like fiction?