Railroads Unite America
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Railroads Unite America. The Transcontinental Railroad. Completed in 1869 Connected the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast Reduced travel time from months to days.

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Railroads unite america

The Transcontinental Railroad

  • Completed in 1869

  • Connected the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast

  • Reduced travel time from months to days

Railroads unite america

  • By the 1890s, railroads supplied cities and towns with food, fuel, mail, building materials, and access to markets.

Railroads unite america

  • Made it faster and cheaper for homesteaders to settle the plains

Railroads unite america

  • Railroads & mail-order merchants made it possible for people in remote rural areas to enjoy inexpensive consumer goods.

Railroads unite america

  • In the West, railroads helped open new territory to economic exploitation

Railroads unite america

  • Played a large part in the creation of the first national parks.

Railroads unite america

Cornelius Vanderbilt

  • Built a trading company with his own steamships and expanded to ocean going ships.

  • Gained control of the New York and Harlem Railroad in 1863

  • Purchased several other railroads and merged them into one of the first giant corporations in American history.

  • Built the Grand Central Depot (Grand Central Station today) in 1871

  • Streamlined railroad service in the U.S.

  • Built up a $100 million fortune (worth about $140 billion today)

  • Founded Vanderbilt University

Railroads unite america

  • Railroad “barons” created vast railroad networks and monopolies with free land given by the government: Pacific Railway Act...

  • Raised money by selling many of their land grants

  • Used Chinese and Irish immigrants to lay tracks