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Goals. Short-Term Goals. G oals that you will reach this week, this month or this year. EXAMPLES Make an A in Science Play on the first string of the basketball team Learn how to be more positive. Long-Term Goals.

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Short term goals
Short-Term Goals

  • Goals that you will reach this week, this month or this year.


  • Make an A in Science

  • Play on the first string of the basketball team

  • Learn how to be more positive

Long term goals
Long-Term Goals

  • Goals that will take years to reach. The “what I want to be when I grow up goals.”


  • Become a lawyer

  • Be a successful business leader

  • Get married

  • Have a family

  • Make a million dollars

  • Live a happy , successful life

Starting today
Starting Today

Why not stop throwing your ideas and dreams in the wastebasket? They are precious and valuable. Write them down and turn them into something worthwhile and exciting. Visualize them over and over in your mind’s eye. And they will give you life with purpose.

A goal should be
A goal should be…

  • Personal – You usually don’t reach someone else’s goals

  • Positive – think in terms of I CAN instead of I CAN’T

  • Written – Writing your goals down and putting them somewhere you can see them makes them seem more real.

A goal should be1
A goal should be…

  • Measureable & Specific – You need to be specific in writing your goals. Put down the specific grade you want to make, not just an A or C.

  • Realistic & Attainable – While goals should be challenging, they must also be realistic. We are all different and must realize our own abilities and strengths.

Rules f or attaining your goals
Rules For Attaining Your Goals

  • Begin where you are – don’t worry about past failures. Instead look forward to future successes.

  • Write down your dreams in a positive way – Instead of saying, “I don’t want to fail science,” you should say, “I will make a 70 or better in science.”

Rules f or attaining your goals1
Rules For Attaining Your Goals

3. Break an impossible goal into smaller, possible chunks - We usually procrastinate beginning something because it seems too difficult. Take your goal and divide it into smaller, short-term goals.

4. Keep the “Can Do” Spirit at all times – Remember: what the mind dwells upon, the body acts upon.

Rules f or attaining your goals2
Rules For Attaining Your Goals

  • Bounce Back from setbacks - there may be obstacles or barriers on the way to reaching your goal. Don’t let these barriers cause you to give up.

  • Have faith in yourself – Instead of asking, “Can I find a solution?” ask, “How can I find a solution?” Expect good things to happen, and they will.

Rules f or attaining your goals3
Rules For Attaining Your Goals

  • Look up and out for future goals – Take each goal step by step, piece by piece, and you will reach the top. Instead of trying to be better than someone else, just strive to be better than yourself, and you will become the best you can be.

  • Do Not Procrastinate – Procrastination is the biggest obstacle we face in reaching our goals. Griping about unpleasant things will only make us more unsure of our abilities. Also, don’t let others persuade you to procrastinate. You have to be in charge of YOU!