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California Maritime Academy

California Maritime Academy. Marc McGee, Dir ector of Admission mmcgee@csum.edu - 707-654-1331. 970 Students in Six Majors – 74% Residential 80% Graduate in 4 Years – 92% Employment Rate. Top 24 “Best Buy” by Forbes. What to Know About us.

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California Maritime Academy

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  1. California Maritime Academy Marc McGee, Director of Admissionmmcgee@csum.edu - 707-654-1331 970 Students in Six Majors – 74% Residential80% Graduate in 4 Years – 92% Employment Rate Top 24 “Best Buy” by Forbes

  2. What to Know About us • Yes, uniforms are worn, but we are not a military school • Leadership, accountability, and work ethic are emphasized • Students must declare a major (no undeclared status) • E-mail is the official way we communicate with applicants • All students are recommended to take the SAT or ACT • Passing medical review is required to enroll • 100% of final transcripts are checked

  3. 2011-2012 Applicant Pool • 1,350 Applied 928 Admitted 333 Enrolled • Enrolling GroupAve. HS GPA: 3.27Ave. TR GPA: 3.00Ave. Test: 1,090/24 • SoCal / NorCal / Non-Cal44% / 43% / 13%

  4. 2011-2012 Applicant Pool • Enrolling Ethnicity59% White13% Non-Responder12% Hispanic11% Asian/Pac Isle. 3% African American 2% Native American • Enrolling Gender89% Male11% Female

  5. More on our Applicant Pool • Our Local Admission Area? • All of California • Our Local Service Area? • Solano County • “Basic Requirement” Majors • Business Administration-International Business and Logistics • Global Studies & Maritime Affairs • Facilities Eng. Technology • Marine Eng. Technology • Major with “Something Extra” • Mechanical Engineering • Requires Pre-Calculus • Requires 550 Math or 23 Math • “Impacted” Major • Marine Transportation

  6. Impacted Major: Marine Transportation • Additional Requirements • SAT or ACT required for all FTF & LDT applicants • Pre-calculus and physics recommended • Resume may be submitted • Level of Competition • 325 Applied, 171 Admitted • 67% of CSU Eligible FTF’s admitted – Min. Index 3,650 • 90% of CSU Eligible LDT/UDT’s admitted – Min. GPA 2.50 • 50 on Waitlist. None Admitted.

  7. Early Start Program • April ELM/EPT preferred – May date is final • If possible – full remediation course recommended • Students indicate selection via “Smart Page” by 6/1 • Cal Maritime offers no ESP courses on campus • www.csum.edu/web/admissions/early-start-program

  8. The STAR Act – SB1440 • We have one major approved for this program • Business Administration – International Business and Logistics • Students must transferin a “business” AA degree from theapproved list of community collegeson www.adegreewithaguarantee.com • Business applicants must indicate they are a STAR Act student in CSUmentor application. Certification will happen on a case by case basis.

  9. Campus Culture for Transfers • Transfers are 41% of the 2012 entering class • We admit LDT, UDT, and Post-Bac to all majors • Summer work (just prior) is not used to qualify for admission • LDT must complete English comp and college math (B4) by end of Spring prior to enrollment • Transfers often must take four years to complete their degree because of degrees with high unit requirements and extreme pre-requisite sequencing • They are highly welcomed, but no special programs exist for transition

  10. What’s New on Campus • New President – Parent of Recent Alum • New All-Weather Field and Track for Rugby/Soccer/Lacrosse • New Sports for 2013 • M/W Cross Country • M/W Long Distance Outdoor Track • New Dining Center and Bookstore for 2013

  11. Contact and Visit Information • Fall Open House“Preview Day”Sat., Nov. 10, 8am-2pmwww.csum.edu/previewday • Weekday Campus ToursM-F 10:30amwww.csum.edu/visit • www.facebook.com/californiamaritimeacademy

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