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Sailors Maritime Academy

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The best academy on earth!!!! I am so thankful to have been apart of such a special place. The learning experience is hands on and you really learn from the best Engineers in the world... I love SMA and I cant say enough about this institution. I feel like this is what education should be about all throughout India. We live in a world where experience is valuable and knowing what do and having hand on experiences is very powerful moreso than someone with a simple degree. I love Sailors Maritime Academy for so many reasons! This school is a life changer and to those who are blessed to work in the industry having come thru SMA you know thevalue and power of this institution. The industry has so much respect for the graduated Cadets because they know at this place students learn and they demonstrate what is learned every single day. "Repition is the father of learning".

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Sailors Maritime Academy

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sailors maritime academy

Sailors Maritime academy

A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea

sailors maritime academy1
  • Honore de BalzacIn the boundaries of the Great country of the South Asia, India lies at a great sea shore ahead of them with its breath taking and mesmerizing views.
  • A country surrounded with almost approximately more than 50% of its borders with sea water has to make sure its navy forces are at extra alert all the time.
  • Sailors Maritime Academy is built on the borders of the Port city of Visakhapatnam in a peaceful atmosphere to furnish to the ever growing necessity for skillful manpower to operate a sophisticated naval system.
sailors maritime academy2
Sailors maritime academy
  • Amenities offered at the Sailors Maritime AcademyThe Academy, is furnished with state of the art teaching supports, Bridge Simulator, well maintained hostel and a Swimming pool.
  • along with the best of the best hired in the faculty to deliver.
  • the highest quality skills and training to the naval students out there in their particular fields.
sailors maritime academy3
Sailors maritime academy
  • The Sailors Maritime Academy established in 2004, has laid its foundations with the objective of offering.
  • a diversified and skillful career path to the youth of the country The Sailors Maritime Academy is one of a kind maritime institute with the state of the art.
  • infrastructure and facilities provided for the students and staff out there Courses Offered at Sailors Maritime Academy.
sailors maritime academy4
Sailors maritime academy
  • Pre – Sea Course.
  • BSC Nautical Science (Dur-2 yrs).
  • HND Nautical Science.
  • HND Marine Engineering.
  • Post – Sea Course.
  • Oil Tanker Familliariasation Course (Dgs Approved) .
  • Fire prevention and Fire Fighting Course (Dgs Approved).
sailors maritime academy5
Sailors maritime academy
  • PersonalSurvival Techniques Course (DgsApproved).
  • Personal Protection and Communal Responsibilities Course (Dgs Approved).
  • Elementary First Aid Course (Dgs Approved).
  • GMDSS Course.
  • First stroke second week of every month Library Services at Sailors Maritime Academy.
sailors maritime academy6
Sailors maritime academy
  • The Library located in the campus is a great learning opportunity for the naval officers to get into some habit of book reading.
  • Various Research Papers and journals are readily available at hand in the library premises of some of the renowned names of the naval industry.
  • The cadets are also facilitated by the issuance of some related books for their curriculum which are returned at the end of the academic year.
sailors maritime academy7
Sailors maritime academy
  • When cadets at the Sailors Maritime Academy enjoy…Sailors Maritime Academy has state of the art opportunities for the leisure time of the cadets.
  • Volley ball courts, Swimming Pool, Football, Gymnastics, Home Theater with LCD TV also forms part of the best recreation activities available at the campus.
  • SMA or Sailors Maritime Academy is no doubt a great platform for polishing your skills and getting a great career start.
sailors maritime academy8
Sailors maritime academy
  • This academy has been amongst the very few which has been honored and appreciated by some of the renowned names of the India’s shipping industry.