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Rainforest Animal Adaptations

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Rainforest Animal Adaptations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rainforest Animal Adaptations. Kameron Owen. Rainforest Layers. The layers of the rainforest can help animals adapt to their surroundings. Layers of the Rainforest from lowest to highest. Forest floor Understory Canopy Emergent Layer. Forest Floor.

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rainforest layers
Rainforest Layers

The layers of the rainforest can help animals adapt to their surroundings.

layers of the rainforest from lowest to highest
Layers of the Rainforest from lowest to highest
  • Forest floor
  • Understory
  • Canopy
  • Emergent Layer
forest floor
Forest Floor
  • Animals on the forest floor consist of larger animals like Jaguars, Bengal Tigers, and Okapis.
  • Insects also inhabit the forest floor.
  • Most humid layer of the rainforest, so the decomposition of matter is sped up.
  • The leaves of trees and plants are broad and large so that they can capture what little light gets through the canopy.
  • Large numbers of insects inhabit this layer of the rainforest.
  • Composed of trees that grow to heights between 100 - 150 feet.
  • Animals that inhabit the rainforest canopy include Lemurs, Spider Monkeys, Sloths, Toucans, Orangutans and Parrots.
  • These animals can fly or climb, so they can stay up high in the air and hang from trees.
  • These animals find most or all of their food high in the trees of the canopy so that they will rarely, if ever, need to go to the rainforest floor.
emergent layer
Emergent Layer
  • These trees can grow to heights of 200 feet or more.
  • Birds and insects that fly stay up here to escape predators below.
  • Animals and trees here receive the most sun light.