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Lunchables Overview

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Lunchables Overview. SWE Boeing Tech Team 1-14-2013. Lunchables Business At-A-Glance. Peacock. Davenport. Avon. Fullerton. A $1.2 Billion business We will produce a total of 547 billion units of Lunchables in 2013 4 Manufacturing Facilities. Lunchables Product Lines.

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lunchables overview

Lunchables Overview

SWE Boeing Tech Team


lunchables business at a glance
Lunchables Business At-A-Glance





A $1.2 Billion business

We will produce a total of 547 billion units of Lunchablesin 2013

4 Manufacturing Facilities

lunchables product lines
Lunchables Product Lines

Basic 3 - Cell




Chicken Dunks

lunchables product lines1
Lunchables Product Lines

Kids’ With Treat



lunchables product lines2
Lunchables Product Lines

Fun Pack



Chicken Dunks


lunchables product lines3
Lunchables Product Lines

Lunchables with Fruit & Lunchables With Smoothie

Lunchables with Fruit

Lunchables with Smoothie

lunchables product lines4
Lunchables Product Lines

Snack Duos & Adult Lunch Combos

Snack Duos

Adult Lunch Combs

automatic meat placement
Automatic Meat Placement
  • Meat/Cheese/Cracker Type Lunchables make up 57% of the product volume
  • Currently the Lunchables meat is sliced and then manually placed into the tray
    • Automated Meat Placing (AMP) was developed but changes to the meat slice thickness rendered the solution unusable
    • No effective method has been developed since the product change
  • We are seeking an automated solution that is:
    • Simple (few complicated mechanisms or photo-eyes)
    • Easy to maintain
    • Sanitary and clean-able (will be cleaned each day)