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bullying n.
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  1. BULLYING. Bullying among children is understood as repeated, negative acts committed by one or more children against another. These negative acts may be physical or verbal in nature -- for example, hitting or kicking, teasing or taunting -- or they may involve indirect actions such as manipulating friendships or purposely excluding other children from activities.

  2. What does a BULLY look like? • Are they bigger? • Are they popular? • Are they funny? • Are they the class clown? A BULLY CAN BE ANYONE…SHORT, TALL, FUNNY, A GREAT STUDENT…ANYONE CAN BE A BULLY. ARE YOU ONE?

  3. How do BULLIES choose their “victims”? Typically, victims of bullying share common characteristics such as: *Insecure (not confident/unsure of who you are) *Physically weak or in low power *Quiet, shy, or reserved *Easy to threaten (they will not tell on you if you bully them) *Few friends, often left out, picked last in games, or ignored

  4. If you witness BULLYING, you are one of two people: • (ONE) You stand up for the victim, tell an adult/teacher about the bullying behavior, and refuse to witness a child being harmed. • (TWO) You are a bystander. You either do NOTHING (ignore the behavior) OR you participate in the bullying behavior by laughing, cheering, or “egging on” the bully. BY DOING NOTHING OR PARTICIPATING IN THE BULLYING BEHAVIOR, YOU ARE HARMING THAT STUDENT EVEN MORE. WHICH PERSON ARE YOU?

  5. You can stand before a JUDGE if you continue to bully others. • The state of Georgia has a BULLYING LAW to protect victims from repeated abuse. If you are reported for repeated bullying behavior, you can STAND BEFORE A JUDGE AND RECEIVE HARSH CONSEQUENCES. This includes verbal bullying, physical bullying, excluding others, and harassing them through electronic devices such as computers or cell phones.

  6. This girl was suspended for bullying. It’s too late for her to go back and think about the consequences of her actions. *Play Video

  7. Miss Invisible… Read the lyrics and listen carefully to this song. How do you think “Miss Invisible” feels? How can YOU be a part of the SOLUTION to bullying and NOT the problem?