non renewable resources n.
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Non renewable resources

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Non renewable resources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Non renewable resources . Carmen Cabral 5.11.11 Science 2 nd. Gold.

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Non renewable resources

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    1. Non renewable resources Carmen Cabral 5.11.11 Science 2nd

    2. Gold • For the non renewable resources project I chose gold and silver because it is very valuable and it is one of the mostly used nonrenewable resources. Non renewable resources means that this product can not be replaced or it takes hundreds or millions of years to form. Gold is one of the least reactive chemical element known. Gold has been valued as one of the most precious metal for coinage, jewelry and other arts and crafts a long time before recorded history. Gold is used for many things since the beginning of time, it is used for medicine, investment, monetary exchange, jewelry, industries, electronics, commercial chemistry, in some countries gold is used as food and drinks. The worlds largest gold bar is in Japan, there is different types of gold that can be found in different places biomes.

    3. Silver • The other non renewable resource that I chose is silver, along with gold it is also valued very high but not nearly as valuable as gold. Silver has a long value as a precious metal, silver is used to make many things such as ornaments, jewelry , high valuable tableware, utensils, and currency coins. In some countries like Mexico they have had a discussion for a very long time on whether or not to make coins out of silver. Silver has been used for thousands of years for trade and utensils and it is also one of the most valuable metal material, second to gold. In order to take silver out they must mine and search for silver. Peru is the worlds largest top producer of silver, the second worlds top producer is Mexico.

    4. The Affect of the use of gold and silver • When people are using gold and silver there can be consequences because the more we continue to search and mine gold and silver the harder it will be to find these products . The search for silver has increased the price of what its worth studies show that since the time between January 4, 2010 and December 31,2010 the price of gold has increased by 27% and the price of silver has increased by more then 80%. Silver and gold are being wanted all over the world but the government and other countries are buying so much silver that most of the silver there was before is now gone and is being searched by more of the buyers interested in buying gold and silver, not only is the use of theses products increasing and valuing more but in other countries they are wanting to make silver coins so the price of the dollar could increase and there money and stock markets could be valued a lot more for the money.

    5. Transporting gold and silver • Gold and silver is found in mines all over the world and they bring it out of the mines and transport the gold and silver by ship, then dust and nuggets will be stored in Alaskan Commercial Company and north America transportation and traveling companies will aggregate millions of dollars and go on the first boat together with the proceeding of the mines of which the owners of the mines make a June clean up.

    6. Energy affect • Gold and silver are turned into energy because of some of the partial accelerators require huge amounts of energy which nuclear reactors produce energy, and gold and silver have chemicals in them which heavy powered machines may need and relay on them to work. Rhodium and Ruthenium are preci0usmetals that produce nuclear fusion. They are very expensive science machinery that need gold and silver in order to work which is very costly because it is not easy to find gold and is very expensive. The fuel that powers this machinery only last up to half life times of 45 days and 373.59 days for Rhodium and Ruthenium.