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Shang Dynasty PowerPoint Presentation
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Shang Dynasty

Shang Dynasty

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Shang Dynasty

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  1. Shang Dynasty Rachael Goch, Mayah Bracy, Ryan McCready

  2. Date and Leaders • 1600BC-1046BC • First Leader- King Tang, had a reign of 30 years. Was a very kind leader and treated his subjects with kindness and compassion, and many innovations in crafts, farming, and economics came from his rule. • Under the rule of the 8th leader, Yong Ji, the dynasty begins to decline. • The 13th leader, Zu Yi brought the dynasty back to prosperity • Pang Geng, the 19th leader, moved the dynasty to Yin, making the new name of the dynasty the Yin Shang Dynasty. The Dynasty was prosperous in his reign. • Wu Ding, the 22nd leader, enlarges the physical size of the Dynasty’s area of rule by war. There was a high level of productivity, textiles, medicine, and astronomy developed. • The Last Leader- Zhou. Was known as the worst king in the history of China. His own family disliked his Strict ideas of rule, and was defeated by a tribe of his own family members.

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  4. Shang Achievements • Bronze Age- considered mark of China, bronze greatly practiced. Bronze represented power, wealth, and luxury. Perfected piece mold casting. Poured molten bronze in mold. • Agricultural- root crops very prosperous; wide spread production of millet, rice, wheat, mulberry, hemp, barley • Fishing- arose along with trading crops, settling deals with other cities

  5. Culture • Strongly supported confusionism • As worship to their ancestors they built bronze vessels and filled them with food and water as offerings • Shang Di was the main god but they also worshipped the sun, moon, and river

  6. Neolithic Culture Oracle Bones- inscribed on bones or turtle shells engraved questions for spirits of the ancestors to answer questions could be direct or they could ask for reassurance

  7. Notable Events Developed a writing system with oracle bones The capitals were used for court rituals and honoring ancestors Zhou Dynasty attacked and overthrew Shang Dynasty