the shang dynasty n.
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The Shang Dynasty PowerPoint Presentation
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The Shang Dynasty

The Shang Dynasty

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The Shang Dynasty

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  1. The Shang Dynasty

  2. A Shang Capital City • Anyang was the Shang Capital City • The city included a palace, a temple, and houses • King’s palace sat on a platform, the bones found under the palace makes archeologists believe that human sacrifices were performed • Human sacrifices were part of the Shang burials • Animals, servants, slaves were led down ramps to be sacrificed, they believed that they would serve the king in their afterlife • Treasures found in tombs were included bronze weapons, carved jade ornaments, bone carvings, pottery, stone sculptures, and chariots

  3. Shang Government • The Shang government was powerful • Depended on strong armies to maintain their rule • Shang’s army was made up of large numbers of soldiers • They were the first people to discover how to make bronze from copper and tin • Constantly were engaged in war • They were a terrifying threat to their enemies

  4. Shang Social Classes • The Shang Dynasty had six social classes • King/Emperor-Highest in Authority and Power • Nobles-Second highest in authority/power. Lived in great palaces. Went hunting with king. • Craftspeople-Small social class, bronze workers were especially valued, they made weapons used by Shang warriors

  5. Shang Social Classes • Traders-Ranked below Nobles, but above farmers. People mostly traded goods. They traded with neighboring regions • Farmers-Largest social class in the Shang society. They raise pigs & chicken. They grew wheat, barley, fruits, and vegetables. • Slaves-The lowest social class. They built tombs & palaces. They were often captured in wars.

  6. Religion Under The Shang • How did the Shang connect with their ancestors? • They offered their dead ancestors wine and food to help them, and sometimes sacrificed humans • Believed kings had the power to rule because they descended from powerful ancestors • Kings used oracle bones to ask their ancestors for advice. The holyman carved the questions onto the oracle bones.

  7. Writing & Art Under the Shang • Shang artists showed great skill working with bronze • The most common picture was an animal mask, later known as tootie • In Chinese writing characters stand for words rather than sounds • A logograph is characters that stand for words • Crafts people made beautiful vessels and other art

  8. Technology Under the Shang & The End Of the Shang Dynasty • The strengths of the Shang Dynasty is what led to the end of the dynasty • Fighting so many wars eventually weakened the military power of the Shang • The lavish spending weakened the economy • A later king would say that the final blow was the corruption of the last Shang King