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Teamwork. Introduction. Teams come in all shapes and sizes. If your married, you and your spouse are a team. If you are employed, you and your colleagues are a team. If you volunteer time, you and your fellow workers are a team.

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  • Teams come in all shapes and sizes.
  • If your married, you and your spouse are a team.
  • If you are employed, you and your colleagues are a team.
  • If you volunteer time, you and your fellow workers are a team.
  • Every day in some way, you are part of a team. The question is not, “Will you participate in something that involves others?” The questions is, “Will your involvement with others be successful?

What is teamwork?

workplace members working together for a common goal or purpose

What is a team?

a mixture of skills and personalities

how to c your way to better teamwork
  • What does it take to create a team?
  • Commitment that inspires results
  • Contributions that make a difference
  • Communication that increases effectiveness
  • Cooperation that creates harmony
  • Creativity that enlarges the team’s potential
  • Conflict management that reduces tension rapidly
notable teamwork quotes
Notable Teamwork Quotes
  • It marks a big step in your development when you come to realize that other people can help you do a better job than you could do alone- Andrew Carnegie
  • No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it- H.E. Luccock.
  • One person seeking glory doesn’t accomplish much. Success is the result of people pulling together to meet common goals- John Maxwell.
personal sacrifice
Personal Sacrifice
  • The freedom to do your own thing ends when you have obligations and responsibilities. If you want to fail yourself-you can-But you cannot do you own thing if you have responsibilities to team members- Lou Holtz
pick your battles
Pick Your Battles
  • Winning is often a battle, and there are times in the life of every team member when he or she needs to fight. But if you fight all the time, you can wear yourself out. That’s why it is important to pick you battles.
pick your battles1
  • To gain better perspective of when to push and when to sacrifice yourself, practice the following:
  • 1. Spend time with people who are different from you.
  • 2.In matters of personal preference or taste, Give in.
  • 3.Don’t take things too personal.
  • 4.Practice the 101 Percent Principle.
  • 5.Be a Servant Leader.
profiles of winning teams
Profiles of Winning Teams
  • Look at hundreds of winning teams, and you’ll find they have 4 thing in common:
  • 1. They play to win.
  • 2. They have winning attitudes.
  • 3. They keep improving.
  • 4. They make their teammates better.
say yes
  • Can you and your team say yes to the following questions:
  • 1. Do we trust each other?
  • 2. Do we have concern one for the other?
  • 3. Do team members feel free to communicate openly?
  • 4. Do we understand our team’s goals?
  • 5. Do we have a commitment to those goals?
  • 6. Do we make good use of each team members abilities?
  • 7. Do we handle conflict successfully?
  • 8. Does everyone participate?
  • 9. Do we respect our individual differences?
  • 10. Do we like being members of this team?
four keys to team success
Four keys to Team Success
  • Personnel determine the Potential of the team
  • Vision determines the Direction of the team
  • Work Ethic determines the Preparation of the team
  • Leadership determines the Success of the team
serving others through leading
Serving Others Through Leading
  • Leadership of a team is the highest expression of servant leadership.
  • 1. You must humble yourself in order to build a team.
  • 2. You cannot seek a position and have the team succeed-Following Jesus keeps you on a mission & out competition.
  • 3. You must be willing to give up your personal right to be served and find greatness in service to the mission and the other team members.
serving others through leading1
Serving Others Through Leading
  • Leadership of a team is the highest expression of servant leadership.
  • 4. You must trust that God is in control of your life in order to risk service to those on the team.
  • 5. You must take up the towel of service to meet the needs of the group.
  • 6. You must share both responsibility and authority with team members in order to meet the greater need of the team’s goal.
  • 7. You must multiply your leadership by empowering other members of the team to lead
this must be the place
This must be the Place
  • Effective leaders know that you can win and lose with good players. But you cannot win without them. Winning and losing teams differ on how players are placed.
  • The Wrong Person in the Wrong Place= REGRESSION
  • The Wrong Person in the Right Place = FUSTRATION
  • The Right Person in the Wrong Place = CONFUSION
  • The Right Person in the Right Place = PROGRESSION
  • The Right People in the Right Places = MULTIPLICATION
empowering others
Empowering others
  • If you want to be successful as a leader, you have to empower.
  • “The best executive is one who has the sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and the self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it”… Theodore Roosevelt
empowering others1
Empowering Others
  • Secure leaders give power to others
  • Only empowered people can reach their potential
  • When a leader can’t or won’t empower others, he/she creates barriers in the organization that people cannot overcome
  • If barriers remain long enough, people give up
empowering leaders
Empowering Leaders
  • 1. Empowering leaders lift people to a higher level.
  • 2. Successful leaders live a life of empowerment.
  • 3. Successful leaders create an environment of empowerment.

Teamwork – Successful teams need to have a diversity of skills represented. Work together and compliment each other.

Leadership – Good leaders lead by example. Support your team and work hard to ensure that they have the tools to succeed.


Set Goals – Goals give you and your team clear direction an a common destination.

Strategy – Develop a clear and consistent strategy. Create a roadmap to success and beat the competition.



  • Setting goals can be a powerful way to get people energized to achieve
  • Objectives are clearly defined and unify the team
  • Make sure goals pass the SAM Test
    • Specific – identify exactly what will be done
    • Attainable – reasonable, doable, with some stretch
    • Measurable – results are observable and quantifiable

4 Activities Groups Should Do Regularly

  • Set and reset goals and priorities.
  • Analyze or allocate the way work is performed according to team member roles and responsibilities.
  • Examine the way a team is working.
  • Examine how a group handles agreement, conflict, and how team members relate to one another around a task.

Leadership\Team Roles

  • Teams are comprised of diverse skills that must work together and compliment each other
  • Team leaders must actively support and recognize team members
  • As a leader, prevent coaching the entire team when one member has a problem
  • Each member must know their role

Leadership\Team Roles

  • Team members must understand …
    • The team’s purpose
    • What is expected of them
    • The reason we should work as a team
    • The benefits of being a member

What Teams Need

  • Goals
  • Strategy
  • Leadership / Team Roles
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Decision Making




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