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Why at A Young Age You Would Need a Hair Transplant? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why at A Young Age You Would Need a Hair Transplant?

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Why at A Young Age You Would Need a Hair Transplant? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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At a young age it can worry you, but hair loss is a natural part of life and it is completely normal. When you're experiencing hair loss at a young age you'll need to determine if you're experiencing a mature hairline or male pattern baldness.

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why atayoungageyouwould need a hairtransplant

Why atAYoungAgeYouWould Need a HairTransplant?

Often hair transplant in young age is common! Particularly in the age bracket of 18 to 23 years.

Some may visit on their own and some take their parents along with them. It would indeed be a

matter of surprise when they come to know that hair transplant is not the desired option for them.

Humans are not known to possess infinite hair?

If there is no dearth of human hair, the problem would not have arisen in the first place. Sadly this is

not the case as humans are known to possess 0 to 8000 follicle units from the back of the scalp to

the front side. Some may tend to have 0, whereas in case of others it can be 8000 as well. Now the

question is can you go on to predict how many hair a human being has. At the age of 20, your guess

is as good as mine. If you are planning to undertake 2000 grafts at a single go, at age 20 it would

mean that the patient is not a worthy candidate. It is a known fact that transplanted hairs could be

thin form the right area of the correct patient.

What is the ideal amount of hair you need to look upon?

For example, if an individual is completely bald, it would mean that 10,000 to 20,000 follicle units are

needed to cover the entire balding area. What happens in most cases with men is that only 5000 to

6000 hair follicles are available. So it becomes a priority for where you would need to put these hairs.

Putting them at the front portion happens to be the top most priority in case of most men and once

it is taken care off then we reach over to the crown.

You would need to take into consideration on what is the priority for a young man at age 20. It has

to be front hairline and you would need to make it flat. It should be youthful in the manner that it

was when you reached the age of 16. Ideally it has been observed that many men who have had

their hair transplanted at the age of 20 are going to become bold in the days to come.

Key decisions

One of the key decisions which a 20 year old confronts is whether to rely on non-surgical methods to

restore back the lost supply of hair. There is nothing to do now as your main objective is to figure

out on how to keep the hair that is available on your scalp intact. You would need to discuss with

your physician on what are the medical options that is provided to you

Avail a hair transplant at the age of 20 might seem an attractive option, but once you reach the high

age bracket the chances of a strange or unnatural look increases.

When medical science is going to have infinite hair, then hair transplant would be a good option at


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