are hair transplants known to leave scars n.
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Are Hair Transplants Known to Leave Scars? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are Hair Transplants Known to Leave Scars?

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Are Hair Transplants Known to Leave Scars? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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All hair transplant surgery (or cut on the skin) will leave a scar. Any time an incision is made in the skin some form of scar will always be left behind. After all, the ultimate goal of a hair transplant procedure is to recreate a natural head of hair without any sign of surgical alteration— an accomplishment that is fundamentally undermined by unsightly scars in the donor area.

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are hair transplants known to leave scars

Are Hair Transplants Known to Leave Scars?

Are hair transplants known to leave behind scars? It is one of the questions which tend to spring up

in the minds of most patients who are looking to avail the option of hair restoration. The main

objective of any type of hair transplant procedure is to form a natural pattern of hair without any

type of surgical modification. This is accomplishment that is bound to leave behind a lot of scars in

the donor region.

Why Hair Transplant is Not the Ultimate Solution

Patients tend to have a reasonable amount of expectation with any type of hair transplant. One of

the main reasons on why hair transplants tend to work, is that the hair which is resilient works out to

be much more than the real hair that is lost. On top of your scalp it is likely to remain for an

extended period of time as well. The main reason for the desired impact being not created is

because the donor hair tends to be insufficient that covers the balding area. This is a common

situation which you are likely to encounter in case of advanced hair loss. A major portion of hair

transplant individuals have enough hair for the transplant to take place, but not in terms of the

perfect finish. The result tends to be a bit bitter as the density of the hair is not what you normally

desire. What a thin covering of hair would mean that the scars which are caused by a hair transplant

in Delhi is not that properly managed.

Do you think that it is possible to transplant scars into a hair so that the appearance is


Most often than not the answer works out to be a yes for sure. But you would need to understand

whether a candidate is good for scar by analysing a number of factors:

How thick the scar is an important point of consideration. Numerous methods could be

adopted in case of hair transplants in scars and it is receptive to receive hair follicles. This

would mean thinning of the scar with injections of steroid.

The thinness of the scar also has a role to play. It may sound a bit silly, but some scars are

too thin to be transplanted.

To conclude it, the entire process of transplantation of scars works out to be very successful, and the

best part is that the patients are happy to observe that fewer scars are visible. You are bound to

require a desired level of experience along with art so that the scars are camflouged with hair

transplants. Smaller sessions where fewer grafts are advocated and you would need to wait

between sessions if a longer one is needed. During the actual procedures you would need to

undertake some minor alterations as well. Having an idea about all these form of considerations is

important in the hope that a client is going to have a proper transplant of sorts.

All the best and get set to go for hair transplant in chennai to remove the hidden scars!

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