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  2. WHAT DO CLIENTS WANT? 1 IN 4 WOMEN SAY THEY HATE THEIR HAIR The style – The texture – The condition – Theywouldpayanything for shiny, manageablehair 78% of womensaytheirhairistheirmostimportantfeature Theywantgreat color, greatcondition, instantresults Theywant WOW!

  3. WHAT DO STYLISTS WANT? SAFE, EFFECTIVE PRODUCTS THAT ARE EASY TO USE Loyal clients that come to them vs. the drugstore Generate higher service costs - Improved Retail Opportunity - No loss of Color Sales - The miracle product that will help them create WOW for their customer

  4. INTRODUCING NEW LISSE DESIGN Keratin Therapy Guaranteedto help the stylistacheive the client’sdesired WOW Shiny Manageble Frizz- resistant PurelyGorgeousHair

  5. HOW DO WE MAKE HAIR STRAIGHT? What is the technology for creating straight? How is Permanent Straightening Different from Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

  6. PERMANENT STRAIGHT VS. KERATIN SMOOTHING Conventional Straightening Technology Active Ingredients SODIUM HYDROXIDE Soda – Guanidine –Lithium ColdWaveThiogllycolate All bonds inside the hair are permanently broken and reformed in a new position to give a new permanently straight shape New KERATIN STRAIGHTENERS Active Ingredients FORMALDEHYDE/GLYCOLIC ACID/GLYOXYLIC ACID Cosmetic Active Ingredients: KERATIN / HYDROLYZED KERATIN / CARBOSYSTEIN No Bonds are permanently broken. Hair shape is adjusted with the assistance of heat.

  7. THE ALFAPARF LISSE DESIGN DIFFERENCE Formaldehyde free Color friendly No wait styling Keratinsmoothing treatment

  8. NEW TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY FIRST Formulated with new Kera-Collagen Complex HydrolyzedKeratin Quaternized Collagen Glyoxylic Acid Reshapes hair keratin chains and changes their arrangement, moving bonds to create a long lasting straight shape that can be immediately styled and colored Wraps hair with a keratin micro film to give super smooth, super shiny result

  9. NEW TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY FIRST Infused with Organic Babassu Oil Found in the Amazon. Contains 70% lipids to make hair soft and supple and help prevent breakage. Creates a silky finish with high-impact shine


  11. NEW 4 – STEP SYSTEM 4 simple steps to smooth, shiny, manageable hair

  12. STEP 1 Deep Cleansing Shampoo Prepares the hair for the smoothing process Gently cleanses product build-up Salt and SLES Free Directions for Use Shampoo hair 1-2 times. Comb through and rough dry

  13. STEP 2 Smoothing Fluid Formaldehyde free Formulated with Glyoxylic Acid, Hydrolized Keratin, Quaternized Collagen Liquid Viscosity easily distributes through the hair, quickly absorbed Directions for Use Apply sparingly and comb through. Wait 20 minutes to absorb and dry The start of the smoothing process

  14. STEP 3 Detangling Cream Industry First – NEW Step Infused with Super Conditioners Client comfort, ease of smoothing Ensures silky smooth results Directions for Use Apply very sparingly to dry or porous ends. Dry smooth and flat iron at 350 - 410F. This is when smoothing occurs as a microfilm coating is formed

  15. STEP 4 Rehydrating Mask Industry First – NEW Step Seals the process Ensures silky smooth results Color Compatible Directions for Use Rinse well and apply Mask, working into hair for maximum conditioning benefits and to restore pH. Leave 5 minutes and rinse.

  16. PROCESS TIMING Twice, 5 minutes each; 10 minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes 5 minutes 45 minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes Avg Service Time: 105 minutes/1 hr 45 minutes (short hair 1h 15‘medium hair 1h 45’ long hair 2h 30’) Deep Cleansing Shampoo Quick blow dry application of Smoothing Fluid Process Application of Detangling Cream (only for very damaged hair) Brushing + flat ironing at 400°/ 410° F rinse out Application of Rehydrating Mask leave 5 mins then rinse For refreshing color, application of Rehydrating Mask + Color Wear. Leave 10 mins then rinse

  17. THE RESULTS After Lisse Design Before Lisse Design

  18. THE RESULTS After Lisse Design Before Lisse Design

  19. THE RESULTS After Lisse Design Before Lisse Design

  20. THE RESULTS After Lisse Design Before Lisse Design

  21. NEW MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS Specialized Shampoo and Conditioner extend the life of the treatment Sulphate, Salt and SLES Free Paraben Free Infused with Babbasu Oil to intensify the silky/soft results

  22. Maintenance Shampoo Sulphate, Salt and Paraben free Shampoo. It gently cleanses the hair and helps maintain and prolong the cosmetic effects achieved with salon treatment. HydrolyzedKeratin, working in synergy with Babassu Oil, makes hair soft, smooth and shiny. Color safe 250ml bottle Maintenance Conditioner Sulphate, Salt and Paraben free Conditioner. It nourishes and rehydrates the hair while helping maintain and prolong the cosmetic effects achieved with salon treatment. Hydrolyzed Keratin, working in synergy with Babassu Oil, makes hair soft, smooth and shiny. Color safe 250ml bottle

  23. LISSE DESIGN BSP Best SellingPoints

  24. HOW ALFAPARF LISSE DESIGN IS DIFFERENT Lisse Design Supplemented with Babbasu Oil Formaldehyde Free Frizz Fighter No Waiting Time After Service 1 ½ - 2 hour processing Time 3 service Type, 1 product

  25. WHO IS OUR COMPETITION? Brazilian Blowout Supplemented with Acai Formaldehyde Frizz Fighter No Waiting Time After Service 2 – 3 hour processing Time 1 service Type, 2 products Global Keratin Supplemented with Juvexin Formaldehyde Curl Relaxer No Waiting time after service 2 – 3 hour processing time 4 Straightening Options Keratin Complex Supplemented with Keratin Formaldehyde Curl Relaxer 3 day waiting time after service 2 – 3 hour processing time 1 service type Marcia Teixeira (formerly Brazilian Keratin Treatment Supplemented with Keratin Curl Relaxer/Frizz Fighter 3 Day waiting time after service 1 – 3 hour processing time 5 straightening options



  28. LISSE DESIGN BSP Best SellingPoints

  29. SALON A: TALKING POINTS Totallysafe and conformsto US and internationalstandards The possibility to do the shampoo assoonas the keratin treatment ends (youdon’thave to wait for 3 days) The reduction of the timing application of the smoothingfluid in comparison with the competitors products in cream, thanks to an easier and quickerdistribution Youneed to use lessquantity of smoothingfluid (+/- 30% less in each treatment!) Sleekbutnaturalfinalresult: the hair look lessstatics Color service can happen on the sameday The possibility to create a waved look, with lastingwaves and curls, using a babyliss or styling products.

  30. SALON B: TALKING POINTS Totallysafe and conformstoUS and International standards Best performances: hairsleeker, more cosmetic, longerresults The reduction of the timing application of the smoothingfluid in comparison with the competitors products in cream, thanks to an easier an quickierdistribution

  31. SALON C: TALKING POINTS More versatility: it can be performed on allhairtype. Easier service (itnotneeds a specific strong technicaleducation) Quickier service (on medium lenghthair 1h45’ VS 3h) Bettercosmeticity (particulary on treated/coloredhair, where the performance are evenhigher) The possibility to do a shampoo on the sameday The possibility to create a waved look, with lastingwaves and curls, using a babyliss or styling products.

  32. WHY LISSE DESIGN? For the Client No nasty smell Smooth, shiny manageable hair Color and Smooth appointments easy to organize No need to wait to wash, style or pull back hair Hair looks great short term and long term

  33. WHY LISSE DESIGN? For the Stylist No Health Hazard Smooth, shiny results 3 options for treatment including Anti Frizz At last I can color and smooth on the same day! I can cut, blow dry and style hair immediately Hair feels great in the short term AND after several applications Hair retains bounce and elasticity, no ‘dead’ feeling! Color services are not affected, hair remains predictable No risk of breakage Hair stays supple and workable

  34. WHY LISSE DESIGN? For the Salon No nasty smell, pleasant working environment Attention getting finished results Different product offers different steps, more service Opportunity to sell color service same day Opportunity for Retail sales of Maintenance Products Client retention for Colour services

  35. WHY LISSE DESIGN? Lisse Design is a Formaldehyde Free, Color Friendly, No Wait Styling, Keratin Smoothing System 4 Simple Safe Steps to smooth, shiny, manageable hair Safe for use with salon color treatments 4 step system ensures condition, shine Unique ingredients ensure hair is easy to manage, smooth and supple Active Ingredients Kera-Collagen Complex and Babassu Oil seal and protect during the Smoothing Process Fast, Easy, and Effective Process Color and Smooth same day

  36. FrequentlyAskedQuestions Environment Details

  37. Q & A: INGREDIENTS What are the active ingredients in the Alfaparf Lisse Design Maintenance products? The Lisse Maintenance Shampoo and Lisse Maintenance Conditioner both contain Hydrolyzed Keratin – not Quaternized Keratin which is the Active Ingredient in Smoothing Fluid. This helps prolong the life of the Lisse service by replacing some of the keratin that is lost through wear and tear. They also contain Babassu Oil, which helps keep hair soft and pliable. Both products are salt, sulphate and paraben free.

  38. Q & A: COLOR + LISSE What shall I use to refresh color after a Lisse service? Colorwear is perfect to use after a Lisse service. For slight fade, 1 Level and slight loss of tone mix 1oz/25g Colorwear from the tube, 1oz/25g LISSE Rehydrating Mask and 2oz/50g Colorwear Activator. Process visually for at least 10-15 minutes. For 2+ levels of fade and change of tone, use Colorwear as normal mixed 1:2 with Colorwear Activator. Process for 15 – 20 minutes. Use LISSE Rehydrating Mask for 5 minutes to return the hair to the normal pH. If I want to use Evolution of the Color with Rehydrating Mask, can I? Yes. Just use Evolution of the Color in the same way, mix 1oz/25g EOC, 1oz/25g Rehydrating Mask and 2oz/50g 10 volume Oxid’o. Process visually, giving time for the color to deposit.

  39. Q & A: COLOR + LISSE Can I color the hair and use Lisse on the same day? Yes. Color first if using permanent color. Permanent color is not recommended after a LISSE Design treatment due to possible scalp sensitivity. Up to 1” regrowth, color the hair first on the regrowth only, then use LISSE as directed. After flat-ironing and rinsing, refresh color on the lengths and ends depending on what the hair needs with Colorwear or Evolution of the Color. What if the customer has a cosmetic color and highlights? The tone of light highlights may change and become warmer. If this happens, just tone highlights after the Lisse Design service. If this cannot be done ( if highlights are a contrasting tone, say copper in a red base) then apply a very small amount of Smoothing Fluid (no more than1/3oz/10ml on an average head) to prevent any color from fading away. The result willbe less smooth and straight, but the color will fade less. If this is not an option make the base color the same all over before using LISSE and thendo highlights after the service.

  40. Q & A: COLOR + LISSE If I perform a coloring/bleaching service in the weeks following LISSE DESIGN Keratin Therapy service, will I lose the achieved smooth effect? The lasting effect of Lisse Design service is directly connected to shampooing. The treatment effect gradually fades away with every shampoo, and is more pronouncedwith shampoos containing SLES. Acoloring/bleaching service will affect the result of Lisse Design service only slightly, reducing longevity a little but with no noticable effect. Does LISSE Design affect natural hair that has not been colored? The only time that LISSE design will have a noticable effect on natural color is if the hair iswhite or grey, particularly if silver shampoo has been used, or if the hair has been permed or straightened with Thioglycollate. Hair may take on a slight yellow cast. If in doubt, always test the product in a small area underneath before proceeding with treatment.

  41. Q & A: COLOR + LISSE If I perform LISSE DESIGN Keratin Therapy service, will all cosmetic colors fade the same way? No, they won’t. The red and mahogany shades are more likely to fade, depending on the heat used, amount of product and previous treatments. If this happens, use Colorwear mixed 1:2 with Colorwear Activator and process for 15-20 minutes Could the color of the highlights be altered during LISSE DESIGN Keratin Therapy treatment? Yes, it could be altered if the highlights were toned. To restore the original color of the highlights, it is recommended in the last step mixing Rehydrating Mask with Color Wear shades 10.02, 10.21, 9.21, 9.13, 8.12 (according to the desired final result) or using Colorwear 1:2 in the normal way, depending whether there is loss of tone or change of tone

  42. Q & A: COLOR + LISSE Can I use LISSE Design on Blonde colored hair? Lisse Design is great to use on Blonde hair because it adds such great shine. If hair has been lightened using tint or lightener, use lessSmoothing Fluid and flat iron at a lower heat, 350F on fine hair, 380F on normal/resistant. Blonde hair may appear more gold after the treatment. If this happens, tone the hair in the normal way, slight loss of tone use Colorwear 1/2oz/15g, Rehydrating Mask 1/2oz/15g and Colorwear Activator 1oz/30g. For change of tone use Colorwear mixed 1:2 with Colorwear Activator and process visually for a minimum of 15 minutes to allow the color time to penetrate and deposit.

  43. Q & A: LISSE + TEXTURE Can I use Lisse Design as an anti frizz service? Yes. Just use Deep Cleansing Shampoo as normal, then towel dry the hair, no need to dry with a hairdryer. Apply Smoothing Fluid sparingly and dry without waiting, then flat-iron 2-3 times. Can I use Lisse to smooth out a fresh perm? Yes. Lisse can be used on the same day as a perm to remove some or all of the curl. Follow the directions but flat iron each piece 2-3 times only.

  44. Q & A: AFTERCARE Can I use a standard shampoo between the application of LISSE DESIGN service and a color service? It would be ideal to use LISSE DESIGN Maintenance Shampoo because this will help to prolong the effect of LISSE. Standard shampoos, especially those with SLES will shorten the longevity of LISSE How long do I need to wait before tying the hair back or styling? You don’t! There is no waiting period after using LISSE. Hair cannot be distorted by tying back, tucking behind the ears, blowdrying, curling or setting. That’s the beauty of LISSE Design.

  45. Q & A: USAGE Can I use Lisse on men’s hair? On short hair? Lisse can be used on any hair that is long enough to be flat-ironed After using Deep Cleansing Shampoo, can I use a detangler to help comb the hair? Deep Cleansing Shampoo is designed to prepare the hair for the Smoothing Fluid. Using detangler or conditioner may interfere with the absorption of the Smoothing Fluid. To prevent tangles, massage hair only and comb hair while Deep Cleansing Shampoo is on the hair at the basin. There is no need to use detangler on most hair types as Deep Cleansing Shampoo will leave hair feeling good. Do I have to use Rehydrating Mask as a final step? The Rehydrating Mask normalizes the pH of the hair at the end of the treatment and is recommended for optimum condition and added shine.

  46. Q & A: USAGE How dry does the hair need to be before I apply LISSE Smoothing Fluid? Hair should be completely dry before applying LISSE Smoothing Fluid How smooth does hair need to be when blow drying before using the flat iron? Blow dry as smooth as possible before using the flat iron to make hair easy to iron. If hair is curly, it may be necessary to use a round brush. If it is wavy, a flat brush may be sufficient to smooth the hair. Smoothing starts when heat is applied, so blow drying with heat will help to start the process and make hair easier to iron.

  47. Q & A: USAGE How can I check to see if the Smoothing Fluid is working? It is not possible to see the Smoothing Fluid working because it only works when heat is applied during flat-ironing. Follow the product directions for application and process for 20 minutes to achieve great results Does it matter what pressure I use with the flat iron? Or how I flat iron the hair? Take small sections, no more than ¼”/1/2cm thick, and iron each section 6-8 times at a normal speed at 350F - 410F to make sure heat is applied evenly throughout the hair. No extra pressure or technique is needed. Can I spray Smoothing Fluid onto the hair? It is not recommended to spray Smoothing Fluid onto the hair because the pH is very low, and spraying it may irritate the eyes.

  48. Q & A: PROCESS + PRECAUTIONS How does the Smoothing Process work? Kera Collagen Complex Anchors onto the sulphur bonds and moves them, forcing them to take on a new smooth, straight shape. A micro film forms around the outside of the hair, making it soft and shiny. What special precautions do I need to take when using Lisse? Just the usual precautions taken when using any technical product, wear gloves, be careful not to get product into eyes, etc. Used as directed, very little smoke or fumes will be produced. If excess product is used, smoke and fumes are more likely to be produced when flat-ironing. What precautions should I take if hair is particularly damaged? Always use Lisse as directed. With Damaged hair, use less heat – no more than 350-380F – and iron each section 6 times instead of 6-8. Where does the Keratin come from? Real Keratin is derived from animal protein. Alfaparf Lisse Design uses keratin derived from sheep wool.

  49. IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT Alfaparf Lisse Design is the safest smoothing treatment on the market. Per testing conducted by HSA Threshold limit value TLV-TWA* Release of Formaldehyde (parts per million) 100 times lower than the threshold limit value LISSE DESIGN formaldehyde released in the air based upon an 8-hour time weighted average OSHA Limit 0.75 formaldehyde released in the air based upon an 8-hour time weighted average (0.75 parts per million)

  50. IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT Alfaparf Lisse Design is the safest smoothing treatment on the market. Per testing conducted by HSA