source analysis coal mining n.
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Source analysis- coal mining

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Source analysis- coal mining . Describe their job Why is it difficult and dangerous? . Hewer.

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source analysis coal mining

Source analysis- coal mining

Describe their job

Why is it difficult and dangerous?


Hewer - Reserved for the strongest men who had served their 'apprenticeship' as putters.  These men worked at the coal face bringing down and removing the coal.  A thin pick was used to undercut the coal then an explosive charge was detonated to bring down the coal which was then dug away to where the putters could remove it.


Putter - These strong young men loaded the coal brought down by the hewers into the tubs which were then pushed to the landings where they could be loaded onto the trolleys to be hauled away to the shift or entrance of the drift.

  • These are the young me who dragged, pushed or pulled the loaded wagons towards the mine shaft.

Trapper - This was another job reserved for young boys new to the mine.  Their job as to open the ventilation doors in the tunnels to allow the passage of men and ponies.  It was a lonely job in the dark and damp of the mine.

  • These were young girls who took coal from the wagons packed and pulled by the drawers and carried the coal to the surface of the mine
improvements in mining technology
Improvements in mining technology
  • 1) Young boys were used as ‘Trappers’ opening and closing trap doors and vents as a safety measure to try and protect the whole mine from damage if an explosion occurred. They were quite ineffective and it was a horrible job for children.
  • John Buddle’s air pumps began to be used in the mid 19th century as a better alternative
improvements in mining technology ii
Improvements in mining technology II
  • 2) Humphrey Davy’s safety lamp was an improvement on highly flammable gas lamps or candles and reduced the amount of explosions in the mines
  • The wire gauze stopped

surrounding the light

stopped explosions