the national convention n.
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The National Convention

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The National Convention. By: Frankie Kennedy. About the National Convention. 3 groups in the National Convention The Girondins The Mountain The Plain Belonged to a radical group called the Jacobins. The Girondins.

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the national convention

The National Convention

By: Frankie Kennedy

about the national convention
About the National Convention
  • 3 groups in the National Convention
  • The Girondins
  • The Mountain
  • The Plain
  • Belonged to a radical group called the Jacobins
the girondins
The Girondins
  • Girondins were one of two main factions in the national convention during the radical phase.
  • Their main opponents were the montagnards or the mountain.
  • They resented excessive influence of the Paris mob on the revolution.
  • They denounced the September massacres
    • More than 1,000 alleged counterrevolutionaries were killed in the prison of Paris
    • They accused montagnards of leading the violence
  • Their main support came from outside of Paris ion the provinces.
  • They first emerged as a recognizable group in the Legislative Assembly known as the Brissotins.
  • The Girondins supported a constitutional monarchy.
  • During the trial of Louis XVI they supported the end of the monarchy but didn’t want to execute the king.
the mountain
The Mountain
  • The Mountain were the main opponents of the Girondins
  • They were considered radicals
  • The Mountain were supported by lower middle class people and poor people
  • Belonged to the Jacobin club
  • Its member championed the poor and unhappy people of Paris
    • Lead by the Danton and Robespierre
  • The Mountain joined forces with the Sans-cullotes
  • They wanted to try and execute Louis XVI for treason
  • They wanted to set up a republic to replace the monarchy
the plain
The Plain
  • The Plain was also known as “The Marsh”
  • They formed majority of the member of the assembly
  • Their names came from their place on the floor of the assembly
  • The Plain was led by Emmanuel-Joseph
  • They initially voted for the moderate Girondins
    • They later switched to supporting montagnards
  • They voted for the execution of Louis XVI
  • In 1794 they also helped overthrow Robespierre
    • Also helped overthrow other extreme radicals
how did the national convention change france s government
How did the National Convention Change France’s Government?
  • The execution of Louis XVI
  • Legislative Assembly votes to suspend the monarchy
  • The republic is formed
  • The Mountain became the dominant party and pushed for radical changes.
  • The Mountain leaders formed a series of committees
    • Groups of men charged with individual targeted goals
    • The most important was the committee of public safety