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Welcome. A key tool for You in Business. Turn off the notifications to all your connections, else they get told about every change you make. Before you start …. It ’ s on your settings page. All changes are made from your “ Edit Profile ” page which is under “ Profile ” in the main menu.

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A key tool for

You in Business

before you start

Turn off the notifications to all your connections, else they get told about every change you make

Before you start …

It’s on your settings page

3 key primary areas

To start with, concentrate on the 3 Key areas of

your Profile which will help you get found and get

your foot in the door

3 Key Primary Areas

  • Top Section of Profile
    • Name
    • Photo
    • Professional Headline
  • Current Position and Work Experience
  • Summary Section
1 key elements at top of profile




1. Key elements at top of profile

Your name: just put your name here!

Photo: make it professional – remember this is a business site not Facebook

Professional Headline: your positioning statement

professional headline options

Job Title – standard

Direct Marketing Offering

Professional Headline options

Descriptive Specialisms with keywords

Push / Promote a particular role

Description of your general offering

Promote a service to attract interest

2 current job description

Important to have something as a current job: it helps you to get found!

No current role? Tell them what you want to do and talk about skills and attributes you do have

Use a Job Title which reflects your desired role

In the text talk about what you have which makes you right to do this role

Use the ability to insert images – it brings it to life

Create a PowerPoint of your CV – visual and different. You stand out!

2. Current Job Description

your current role







Expand Job Title

Connect to Company Page where appropriate

Your Current Role

Add Context: Intro to company or type of company

Outline your role, services, experience & skills in context

Add keywords if applicable

Rich Media for docs presentations etc

3 summary section

3. Summary section

  • Introduce yourself – use “I”, not “He” or “She”
  • Tell me what you have done
  • Tell me what you want to do
  • Convince me why I should want to help
  • Perhaps keep it short and use Rich Media options

Turn off notifications … don’t forget to turn them back on afterwards

  • All changes are done from “Edit Profile” page
  • Make a good first impression with a professional Photo and a clear outline of what you want to do
  • As a “Current Role” tell me what you want to do and the skills you have
  • In the Summary section, introduce yourself and give me some background … business relevant
  • Use Visuals and keep it all up to date!