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MEEC. Chapter Five Exhibitions. Definitions. Tradeshow business-to-business event Trade Fair international term for tradeshow Exhibition interchangeable term for tradeshow Consumer or Public show an exposition open to the public, usually not restricted

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Chapter Five


  • Tradeshow
    • business-to-business event
  • Trade Fair
    • international term for tradeshow
  • Exhibition
    • interchangeable term for tradeshow
  • Consumer or Public show
    • an exposition open to the public, usually not restricted
    • admission may or may not be charged
  • Exposition
    • Similar in meaning to a tradeshow
    • also known as Expo
exhibition management
Exhibition Management
  • Site Selection Factors:
    • Facility Size
    • Amenities – dining, telecommunications, etc.
    • Availability of service contractors
    • Preferences of exhibitors and attendees
    • Logistical considerations: airline service and local transportation
    • Cost
    • Lodging and Entertainment
exhibition management1
Exhibition Management
  • Program Planning
    • Educational and Entertainment programs
    • Exhibitor programs
    • Special sections for new exhibitors or technologies
    • Celebrity or industry-leading speaker
    • Meal programs
    • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and industry certification programs
    • Spouse, guest, and children programs
    • Internet access and e-mail centers
exhibition service contractor esc
Exhibition Service Contractor (ESC)
  • Provides products and services to exhibition management company:
    • Freight handling
    • Sound and audio visual
    • Marketing services
    • Exhibit furniture, carpet, amenities
    • Telecommunications
    • Computer needs
exhibition service contractor esc continued
Exhibition Service Contractor (ESC) - Continued
  • Provides products and services to exhibition management company:
    • Accessing utilities – electricity, gas, water
    • Floor plan layout
    • Storing and warehousing materials
    • Exhibits installation, maintenance, and dismantling
    • Models, entertainers, additional exhibit staff
exhibit service manual
Exhibit Service Manual

Prepared by both the service contractor and

management for exhibitors and includes:

  • All details needed to plan and implement an exhibit program
  • Forms to order exhibit service contractors’ products and services
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Registration process and badges
exhibition planning
Exhibition Planning
  • Location – Major effect on attendance
    • Same place year after year
      • Negotiate good deals
      • Attendance is steady
      • Typically for association meetings
    • Move to various locations
      • Attracts visitors, guests, spouses
      • Varies the local attendance base & allows new attendees
    • Rotation between specific cities
      • Consistency in planning
      • Familiarity with variety
exhibition planning1
Exhibition Planning
  • Housing
    • Accessibility to Convention center
    • Affordability for exhibitors and attendees
    • Adequate accommodations
  • Transportation
    • Public (existing) - to and from airports
    • Private (contracted by show) – to and from hotels and convention centers
exhibition planning2
Exhibition Planning
  • Marketing & Promotion
    • Attendance of both exhibitors and attendees is key to success
    • Marketing to exhibitors – most common for trade magazines
    • Tradeshow Marketing to Attendees
      • Trade magazines, direct mail, telemarketing
      • Educational programming
      • Partnership with exhibitors to attract attendees
      • Free passes for customers
      • Exhibition sponsor for special event
exhibition planning3
Exhibition Planning
  • Marketing & Promotion (Continued)
    • Public Show Marketing
      • Local media advertisements
      • Trade publications
      • Requires significant expenses to reach wider potential audience
exhibition planning4
Exhibition Planning
  • Technology
    • Internet
      • Impact on marketing
      • Provides on-line registration, interactive floor plans, housing and transportation arrangements, exhibitor listings, review of educational programs
    • Lead Retrieval Systems
      • Gather all contact information in format usable on company computer
      • Save time with data entry
    • CD-ROMs
      • Promote campaign’s products
      • Exhibitor product information
      • Educational materials
exhibition planning5
Exhibition Planning
  • Shipping and Storage
    • Over-the-road is the most common
    • Charges typically are per 100 lbs and based on distance
    • Extra time allowed for transit (cannot arrive late)
    • Must arrange for storage at destination
exhibition planning6
Exhibition Planning
  • Housing and Transportation
    • Essential to success
    • Negotiating room blocks, airline, and car rentals
    • Sometimes outsourced to local firms
    • Expectation is that these services will be “transparent” to attendee
exhibition planning7
Exhibition Planning
  • When Choosing Transportation, Consider the Firm’s:
    • Experience
    • Availability
    • Special Services
    • Insurance
    • Condition of Vehicles
    • Labor Contracts
    • Cost
exhibition planning8
Exhibition Planning
  • When Choosing Hotels, Consider:
    • Are the facilities adequate?
    • Are the rates within budgets?
    • Is the hotel in close proximity to the trade show site?
    • Will transportation be available?
exhibition planning9
Exhibition Planning
  • Risk Management
    • Provides procedures to identify potential risks
    • Quantifies each risk
    • Assesses each potential risk
    • Provides risk avoidance steps
    • Provides risk mitigation steps
exhibition planning10
Exhibition Planning
  • Crisis Management
    • A crisis poses a critical situation that may cause danger to someone else
    • Crisis Management Plans address prevention, control, procedures, and reporting:
      • Fires
      • Demonstrations
      • Terrorism
    • Appoint an on-site Crisis Management Team
  • Food-borne illnesses
  • Bomb threats
  • Natural disasters
why companies exhibit
Why Companies Exhibit
  • Branding their name in the industry
  • Annual presentation of product
  • New product rollout
  • Opportunities
    • Meet with potential and existing customers
    • Learn customers’ needs
    • Meet with trade media
    • Learn about industry changes and trends, and competitors’ products
exhibit expenses
Exhibit space rental

Service contractors (personnel, travel, entertainment, etc.)

Freight charges

Exhibit design


Brochure printing/shipping

Promotional items


Post-show mailings

Exhibit Expenses
exhibit design principles
Exhibit Design Principles
  • Exhibit Design Principles
    • Selecting the right size and layout for your budget and purpose
    • Using proper signage, lighting, and personnel
    • Location of space
exhibit design principles1
Exhibit Design Principles
  • Considerations:
    • Traffic patterns
    • Location of entrance
    • Food facilities
    • Restrooms
    • Location of industry leaders
    • Location of competitors
exhibit design principles2
Exhibit Design Principles
  • Standard Booths
    • 10’ x 10’ (100 sq. ft.) or multiples
    • Inline
  • Peninsula – four or more standard booths back-to-back with an aisle on three sides
  • Island – four or more standard booths back-to-back with an aisle on four sides
exhibitor success
Exhibitor Success
  • Prior to the Show
    • Plan that all material and shipments arrive on time
    • Establish objectives for accomplishment
  • During the Show
    • Staff schedules and individual’s roles
    • Product demonstrations
    • Coordinate with Exhibition Management and/or Service Contractor
  • Post Show
    • Lead follow-up
    • Monitor commitments made during show
exhibit staff
Exhibit Staff
  • Most important part of exhibit
  • Staff must be trained to:
    • Meet and greet warmly
    • “Qualify” a visitor and ask the right questions
    • Conduct product demonstrations that focus attention on the main message
exhibit partners
Exhibit Partners
  • Exhibition Management and Service Contractors
    • Develop a relationship with them
    • Understand all contract requirements, deadlines, and responsibilities
    • Consider additional marketing opportunities
      • General and special event sponsorships
      • Advertising in the show daily and directory
      • Promotional items
  • Definitions
  • Organization structure
  • Exhibition management
  • Exhibition service contractor
  • Trade show prospectus and exhibitor manual
  • Exhibition planning
  • Why companies exhibit
  • Exhibit and staff expenses
  • Exhibit layout and design
  • Exhibitor success and partnerships