northamptonshire community learning strategy n.
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NorthamptonshiRe CommUNITY Learning strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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NorthamptonshiRe CommUNITY Learning strategy

NorthamptonshiRe CommUNITY Learning strategy

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NorthamptonshiRe CommUNITY Learning strategy

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  1. NorthamptonshiReCommUNITY Learning strategy Meeting with ENABLE Members 17 June 2014

  2. Community Learning (CL) Community Learning Funding, from the Skills Funding Agency, is provided for: • A broad range of learning that brings together adults, often of different ages and backgrounds to pursue an interest, address a need, acquire a new skill, become healthier or learn how to support their children. • a key part of the learning continuum • undertaken for its own sake – may or may not lead to a qualification or result in direct progression to other learning but will usually have wider progression outcomes

  3. SFA funded providers of CL in Northamptonshire

  4. Ncc adult learning service The Northamptonshire Community Learning strategy contributes to the following goals of Northamptonshire County Council, particularly those of the Public Health and Wellbeing (PHAW) directorate, in which the NCCALS is placed: Our goal for our residents, communities and businesses is to continue to: • Increase the Wellbeing* of Communities • Help You Take Charge of Your Life • * Wellbeing: a satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity (Source: ‘Council Plan 2014-19) To meet these goals Northamptonshire Community Learning Partnership provision will include a universal offer, Personal Community Development Learning (PCDL) that is open to everyone and delivered by NNCALS and the three colleges. In addition, NCCALS delivers a targeted offer to meet the needs of disadvantaged groups through its: • Family Learning (FL) programmes • Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities (NLDC) programmes • Learn2B (L2B) programme for adults suffering from mental distress

  5. Proposed work..... Adult Learners’ Week in May/June 2014 &15 • Hold a number of events, courses and taster courses during Adult Learners’ Week Support Learners’ Progression • Explore opportunities in the community settings Create College Community Learning Hubs Bring a greater range community learning into college venues- e.g. Tresham at Kettering Map the county’s learning provision • Provide a more comprehensive picture of local learning Explore opportunities for partnership with learning providers in the voluntary community sector • Promote communication and shape county provision

  6. Your feedback & suggestions Northamptonshire Community Learning Partnership (NCLP) is keen to promote 2 way communication with VCS organisations in the county. What is the most effective way(s) for NCLP to communicate with your organisation and for you to provide your feedback and suggestions to NCLP?