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Northamptonshire Community Housing Network PowerPoint Presentation
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Northamptonshire Community Housing Network

Northamptonshire Community Housing Network

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Northamptonshire Community Housing Network

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  1. Northamptonshire Community Housing Network

  2. Helping people with Disability find a place to live

  3. The Network Aims to help people…. • Have choice about where they live and find a home • Settle in and live happily as part of our communities • Find work and gain confidence by helping to run the Housing Network

  4. How it works We are community led and Countywide Anyone can join - disabled / able bodied people and organisations Every one is equal We are a not for profit company and use a Total Coproduction approach

  5. How it works We have ‘Members’ not staff or customers All members give some time to help run the Network We use Timebanking and mixture of funding to sustain ourselves We believe that we all have needs and skills, so lets share

  6. Timebanking • For every hour given to help others you receive 1 time credit • And for every hour of help received you pay 1 time credit

  7. People use Timecredits too.. • Exchange for Network services they need • To help each other with things at home • To contribute to social activities

  8. The Services We Offer Our services are available to young people and adults with disabilities, and the organisations and the families that support them

  9. The Housing Training Programme

  10. A Living and Working Skills Programme

  11. Planning a move and making it happen 1 to 1 support or group support for people and organisations

  12. Expert by Experience Services Provide services to Local Councils, Housing and Care providers to make their services to people with disabilities better

  13. Our Community Support Network • Where members receive and provide support to each other • The Timebank is at its heart

  14. How we run the Network • The Board manages day to day work • The Network Steering Group directs the Board • The Coordinator and Members do the work

  15. Who makes up The Board 7 members of the Network 5 have disabilities We must have at least 50% disabled people on the Board

  16. How We Sustain The Network • Membership Income • Sales Income • Time Income • Grant Income • Donations • In kind contributions

  17. Resources in our 1st year.. • Members gave over 1200 hrs in time (equal to about £14,400) • We received over £40,000 in income • Received about £2,000 in Kind help Total £value of all about - £56,400 % of Time credits and in kind = 29%

  18. The Magic in what’s happening Members are enjoying helping and sharing They are growing in confidence People with disabilities are getting help with housing and with work

  19. The Magic in what’s happening People who have not worked for a long time are helping to run the Network Some have become Directors of our Company Together we are being much more creative

  20. Our Plans for the Future • Recruit 2 – 3 Trainer / Facilitators to set up the main services areas in year 1 • They will develop Network members to learn to run each service area (5 -10)


  22. Our Experience of Using Coproduction • Making the Northamptonshire LD Housing Plan 2011 • Creating and Running the Housing Network

  23. Coproduction - what is it means to us EQUAL SHARING OF POWER, CONTROL AND RESPONSIBILITY Between people and professionals to plan for and meet our needs

  24. Coproduction - what is it means to us • Planning, sharing and doing as equals • Managing and sharing risk • Everyone taking and sharing responsibility • Using a mixed range of resources to make us sustainable and reward all of us • Using various methods to help everyone take part as equals

  25. It has many levels • From Basic Coproduction (e.g. planning an event) • Total Coproduction (e.g. running a company)

  26. Hearing People’s Experience of Coproduction • Pat Ward ( A Former Commissioner) • Ashley Tansley (A Community Member) • Pratima Dattani (A Service Provider)

  27. How Are We Doing Against NEF’s Coproduction model

  28. Recognising people as assets • People who need our services (our membership) also run our services

  29. Building on people’s capabilities Members are learning how to:- • Support themselves and each other • Manage and run our services • Create and run a business • Train others to have housing choice • Learn a broad range of work skills

  30. Promoting mutuality and reciprocity • Everyone has the chance to give and receive, people and organisations • e.g – Ashley received about 60 hrs of help and gave about 104 hrs • We can see when we cooperate and share we can all benefit

  31. Developing peer support networks This is the Nature of our organisation We include a;- - Business, Service Delivery network • Support network • Social network

  32. Break down barriers between professionals and people • People and organisations work together as equals • A 1/3 of our members are professionals • We don’t have staff or customers, just members • All can join in areas of service delivery they are drawn to

  33. Rewarding everyone’s contribution • We intend that members be rewarded with money and timecredits, where possible • Last year members earnt over 1200 timecredits • They spent nearly 400 timecredits on help with housing they needed

  34. Blurring the Roles • There is No distinction between staff and customers, professionals and people • We blurr duties and responsibilities • Members use, create and deliver services and help run the company

  35. Resources we have created that make the journey easier • Easy Read LD Housing Plan • Easy read Choice based lettings Guide • Easier read Articles of Association • Easy Read Housing Training and Teaching Programme • Easy Read Life Skills Assessment tool • Easy Read material to help choose the right company model • All meeting notes in easier read format • Talking sticks for meeting

  36. How it can be in Practice • Confusions about roles and leadership • Different levels of understanding and experience • The approach can get lost in the task at hand • It felt empowering for people when professionals were willing to listen and follow the group • People don’t have professionals baggage • Rewarding all contributors fairly is fundamental • Using many ways of communicating and working is needed

  37. Things to Know when Using Coproduction • Everyone’s role will be different • People need to play a much bigger role and commissioners much less • All players need help to adjust • People need help to build skills and capacity to join in • You will need to do work differently • The jargon has to go • Find ways of fairly rewarding people’s contribution – money / timecredits / sharing resources

  38. The Benefits of Using Coproduction • We become less reliant on money • New ways of meeting our needs and sustaining ourselves • Shows us how to work cooperatively • Makes best use of ALL energy and resources available • Everyone takes part in creating our solutions, as equals • Helps people and communities take the lead • Shows us how to create true partnerships • It can be much cheaper and more empowering for all

  39. Barriers or Challenges • Fear of losing control (commissioners and providers) • Can be viewed as a money saving exercise • We don’t know how to work like this or • Its your job not ours! • We believe people cant help or don’t want to • It could put me out of a job • We don’t take time to learn about it properly • People think its just another FAD • The change may not be resourced properly

  40. Why we like it It helps us all to join in, we feel more in control and have fun seeing how to creatively meet out needs, and We get to do things many of us never dreamed of before

  41. How to start using Coproduction • Along side your partners pick an area or theme to work on • Agree your ground rules to ensure equal participation • Share the leadership of the project with the people you want to help • Find out the requirements of players to help them join in • Help people to learn skills so they can join in • Create new tools and materials to support everyone’s participation • Be patient and respectful with each other • Let go the reigns and get creative

  42. We Can Help If you want any help The Community Housing Network is happy to support you on your journey

  43. Doing this together The challenges we all face now are too fundamental for any one of us to solve alone The answers will come by working together, as equals, to tackle problems in new ways, with respect, humility and compassion for each other and ourselves

  44. Lets get started

  45. Any Questions

  46. To see some of the work of the Community Housing Network (CHN) this year in pictures, please go to…

  47. If you want to join Speak to Marion Turner TODAY Or look at our website 01933 381467