rotary club of karachi 2009 10 n.
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Rotary Club of Karachi 2009-10 PowerPoint Presentation
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Rotary Club of Karachi 2009-10

Rotary Club of Karachi 2009-10

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Rotary Club of Karachi 2009-10

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  1. Rotary Club of Karachi2009-10

  2. Birthday Greetings PE. S.M. Ehtishamullah 2nd July Rtn. Sikandar Dada 4th July Rtn.Pervaiz Kausar 4th July

  3. Happy Wedding Anniversaries PP Rehmatullah Shaikh 28th July

  4. Rotary Club of KarachiPresident’s Report 2009-10

  5. Appreciation Special Thanks To PDG Mohamed Akbar PDG Akhtar K. Alavi PDG Aziz Memon PP Dr Hoshang Anklesaria Exemplary Support, Guidance & Timely Trouble Shooting

  6. PE S.M.Ehtishamullah VP Rtn Masood A. Shaikh: IPP Rtn Khalid Gulzar Hon Sec Rtn Zeenat Karim HJS Saleem Zamindar Treasurer Rtn Ajaz Saya Directors: PDG Mohamed Akbar PDG Akhtar K. Alavi PP Dr H. Anklesaria PP Shiraz Sachedina PP Muhammad Ovais Rtn Shabbir Burhani Rtn Aziz Merchant Rtn Naseem Tyabji Board of Directors

  7. Thank You RCK Staff Khalid Mahmood Ehsan Jaffrey Amin RCK Community Centre Staff – Kashif & Taha

  8. President’s Report 2009-2010 • RCK’s Service Projects: • Health • Literacy • Vocational Awareness and Development • Career Development • Water and Environment • RCK Community Centre • Impacted the lives of 400,000 people including women and children – the poorest of the poor • We invested approx. over Rs 60 million including Matching Grants and Donations • Formed 38 Committees and Subcommittees with 68 Committee Members

  9. Program Co-Chairs: PDG Aziz Memon PP Shiraz Sachedina VP Masood Shaikh Pres. Talaat Tyabji Club Meetings: 44 High Profile Guest Speakers:32 Club Assembly:1 Business Meetings: 4 including General Body Elections on Jan 4, 2010 In-House Speakers:4 Club AdministrationVP Masood Shaikh: Chair

  10. ProgramsDynamic Speakers on Current Topics

  11. Attendance PDG Akhtar Alavi PP Nosherwan Irani Hon Sec Zeenat Karim Motivated Members thru Email Reminders & Phone Calls. Announcements in Dawn. Weekly attendance was monitored. Attendance: Averaged below 50%. 32 exempted members. Club AdministrationVP Masood Shaikh: Chair Rtn Saleem Zamindar

  12. Club Roster VP Masood Shaikh PDG Akhtar Alavi Rtn. Jawad Sarwana Rtn. Dr. Feroz Ismail Rtn. Naseem Tyabji Club Roster Updated and Printed 250 copies Club AdministrationVP Masood Shaikh: Chair

  13. Food PP Wasim Mirza Rtn Anjum Nisar PP Muhammad Ovais Continuous Coordination with PC Hotel for innovative, healthy and appetizing menus. Improved Presentations Club AdministrationVP Masood Shaikh: Chair

  14. Rotary News PDG Aziz Memon PP Masood Ahmed Bhalli RCK Service Projects were Regularly Announced: Club Meetings Circulated on Emails Published in Club Bulletins. Club AdministrationVP Masood Shaikh: Chair

  15. On-to-RI Conference PP Masood A. Bhalli Rtn Iqbaluddin Ghazi Rtn Rahat Alam Rtn Aziz Merchant Montreal RI Convention: PDG Akhtar Alavi PDG Aziz Memon VP Masood Shaikh IPP Khalid Gulzar PP Masood Bhalli Rtn Dr. Feroz Ismail Rtn Iqbaluddin Ghazi RI Convention – coincided with 75 years of Rotary in Canada. Club AdministrationVP Masood Shaikh: Chair

  16. Cl Club AdministrationVP Masood Shaikh: Chair On-to-Dist-Conference PP Muhammad Ovais DISCON 2010 • 18 RCK Members Attended

  17. R RCK Received 10 District Awards • Outstanding Club of District 2009-20; • Outstanding Club Bulletin 2009-2010; • Outstanding Services in the Field of Health Care; • For Humanitarian Assistance to the Internally Displaced People; • For Assistance in Provision of Micro Finance Project; • For Outstanding Services in the Field of Education; • PDG Akhtar Alavi:  Chairman Water Resources Development 2009-2010; • PP Dr. Hoshang Anklesaria:  Chairman Avoidable Blindness 2009-2010; • Rtn Dr. Tariq Aziz :  Co Chair-South Rotary Eye Camp 2009-2010;  •  IPP Khalid Gulzar: Outstanding Assistant Governor.

  18. Rotary Club of Karachi Office President Talaat Tyabji VP Masood Shaikh Treasurer Ajaz Saya Hon Sec Zeenat Karim President & Office Bearers regularly visited RCK Office Developed systems and processes Timely Correspondence and Communication Reports, SAR and Attendance Arranged meetings /Board/ Fellowships/District events Club Finances and Donations Maintained Updated Membership data Club AdministrationVP Masood Shaikh: Chair

  19. RCK Office Recruited Staff • Khalid Mahmood, Club Ex Sec • Amin, Accountant Equipment • New Computer by PP Wasim Mirza • HP Laptop • Telephone Set • Chair Office Rent • Dispute with PNSC Resolved – thanks to PDG Aziz Memon • All areas waived off • New Rent Rs 10,500 per month • 6-month Advance paid July- Dec 2010 Renovations • PP Wasim Mirza offered to Renovate Office

  20. Fellowship Activity PP Muhammad Ovais PP Shiraz Sachedina 1st Fellowship: Turnout: 125 PDG Haiy Khan was Honoured Club Public RelationsRtn S.M. Ehtishamullah: Chair

  21. 2nd FellowshipRecord Turnout: 140

  22. FundraisingPromotion of Performing Arts Fund Raising PP M. Ovais PDG Aziz Memon PP Wasim Mirza VP Masood Shaikh Rtn Waqar Yousuf • Fundraising Program Katha Nov 21-25 for ongoing and new Projects: • Sale of 1,600 Tickets & sponsors’: • Rs. 1,934,900 • Expenses & Payment to Artists: • Rs.1,112,2000 • Net Savings: Rs. 972,900

  23. Club Bulletin Rtn Dr Feroz Ismail Ed. Pres Talaat Tyabji Rtn Jawad Sarwana PP Nowsherwan Irani Published 4-page weekly bulletins: 35 issues, including: 2: 8-pg supplements 2: 6-pg Supplements 3 Condolence Issues Since Jan 2010, Printed in Colour Rotarians Released 2 ads. Club Public RelationsRtn S.M. Ehtishamullah: Chair

  24. Website Rtn Shahzad Qureshi Rtn Khurram Ali • Activated website. • Improved Layout & Design. • Monday Meetings, all imp events & Projects on Website. • Facebook linked to website. •

  25. Public Relations & Media PDG Akhtar Alavi High profile Guest Speakers covered in Business Recorder. RCK Service Projects received coverage in Dawn News, ARY, GEO, Indus, and feature articles for promoting the fundraising play. PDGs Akhtar Alavi & Aziz Memon and Rotarians Jawad Sarwana & Shazad Sabir, and Dr Feroz Ismail gave excellent interviews explaining RCK’s mission, vision and projects undertaken to serve the poorest of the poor. PDG Aziz Memon interviewed on Dawn News on PolioPlus campaign. Rtn Dr Feroz Ismail highlighted ALP at RCK CC on Dawn News. Club Public RelationsRtn S.M. Ehtishamullah: Chair

  26. Membership Dev, Classification & Security PP Naveed A. Khan PP Wasim Mirza Rtn Arjumand A. Qazi Rtn Chaudhary Jamil All Applications were Scrutinized Updated Classification list: 258, unfilled classifications:85 Focused on: Retention Diversity New Members: 8 Resigned: 12 Passed Away :4 Total Membership:132 Membership Co-C Co-chairs: PDG Akhtar Alavi & PP Shiraz Sachedina

  27. New Members : 8Rtn Aliya Ahmed: Banking Int. Rtn Shahzad Sabir: Paper Manufacture Rtn Khurram Ali: IT Consultant Rtn Saleemuddin Ahmed: Oil Management

  28. New Members Rtn. Liaquat Merchant, Bar-at-law Rtn Samia Sabir, Mkt. Rtn Asim Sabir Patka, Textile Manuf. Rtn Abdul Malik Shaikh

  29. Lost 4 Senior Members PDG Abdul Haiy Khan PP Iradat Hussain PP Nariman Irani Rtn H.H. Nurie

  30. Membership Co-chairs: PDG Akhtar Alavi & PP Shiraz Sachedina Rotary Information Rtn Aziz Merchant PP Ahmed Ali Merchant Two-minute slot at meetings provided Rotary information • Sharing Vision of RI Pres. • RI Focus Areas, News, Strategic Plan. • TRG Prog, Awards, Budget & Cutbacks. • District News & Updates. • RCK Activities. • Matching Grants & Scholarships. • Key Rotary Messages – 10 Yrs from Now • The Four-Way Test

  31. Partners in Service/ Rotaractors/Interact Club Rtn Shahzad Qureshi Rtn Ehsan Durrani Rtn Shahzad Sabir Rotaract Club of Karachi Ramzan Project Blood Drive Medical Drive – 200 Patients Treated Holoween Party Career Counseling Seminar Ryla Asia DisCon 2010 Professional Dev. Inspiratoriums International Services Dar-ul-Khushnud Mela MembershipCo-Chairs: PDG A. Alavi & PP Shiraz Sachedina

  32. Partners in Service/Rotaractors/Interact Club RCK Rotaract Club of Ida Reu of blind and hearing impaired – unique & the only one in Karachi RCK supports their projects: • Cricket Match • Patriotic Show • Day for Mentally Challenged Children – arranged games • 2009 Received Award from DG RCK Interact Club • Activated by Sinan Memon

  33. Vocational Awareness Rtn Iqbaluddin Ghazi Rtn Anjum Pervaiz Rtn Shahzad Sabir Vocational awareness seminar at MITI on Nov 17. Provided Professional guidance and direction in career: mobile repairs, CNG, Generator, Pumps, etc. Over 250 students of classes 1X & X attended. All arrangements for transporting students were born by RCK – thanks to generous contributions by Rtn Igbaluddin Ghazi. Service ProjectsDr Hoshang Anklesaria:Chair

  34. Vocational Awareness Seminar at MITI

  35. Service ProjectsDr Hoshang Anklesaria:Chair Vocational Development Rtn Anjum Pervaiz • 10 Students received training at YMCA – Got into Job Market: • Electrician • Auto Mechanic • Welding • Drafting • Cost of Technical Assistance funded by PP Wasim Mirza

  36. Rtn Aziz Merchant Rtn Khalid Hameed Rtn Tahir Ahmed Rtn Saleem Zamindar Rtn Shahzad Sabir ‘Guiding Light for Your Future’ -Seminar on Jan 16, 2010 Provided platform for career counseling to 297 students from 18 Schools of Classes VIII – A Levels. Speakers were Industry leaders from emerging fields. Interactive breakout session. Career Development

  37. Career Development‘Guiding Light for Your Future’

  38. Health Rtn Dr Tahir Shaikh Rtn Zaeema Alavi Provided 40 hearing aids to Ida Rieu children – highest number ever given. 9 hearing Aids to ABSA Service ProjectsDr Hoshang Anklesaria:Chair

  39. Hearing Aids for 40 IDA Rieu Children

  40. Hearing Aids for 9 ABSA Children

  41. Diagnosis, treatment & post recovery for coal miners Rs 100,000 given to RC Quetta Screening and Treatment of TB Patients in Quetta

  42. Screening and Treatment of Diabetic Patients • Coordinating with 2 clubs in Nawabshah. • RCK supplied strips to check Blood Sugar. • Rtn Abdullah Feroz provided medicines. • Well controlled diabetic lives a normal life. • Uncontrolled diabetic lives with either one eye or one leg….

  43. Avoidable Blindness Dr Tariq Aziz Three Eye Camps in Pirjo Goth, Khairpur and Samro. 200 cataract surgeries by Drs Hoshang and Dorab Anklesaria . Eye Camps

  44. Rtn. Dr Dorab Anklesaria Performing Surgery and Post Operation Dressing

  45. IDPs in Baldia Distribution of Food Packages

  46. Committee members: President Talaat Tyabji PDG Akhtar PDG Aziz Memon PP Dr Hoshang Anklesaria PP Muhammad Ovais PP Wasim Mirza Rtn Dr Feroz Ismail. Rtn Zeenat Karim 3 Rotary Districts joined hands for a Service Project Two 20- feet containers sent by RC Appleton 70 cartons stored in premises of Dr Hoshang Anklesaria Committee met 2-3 times every week for over two months to supervise the unpacking of the supplies, which were sorted and a detailed inventory was prepared. Medical supplies worth $ 600,000 Distributed to 21 Hospitals & Orphanages Benefited 200,000 poorest of the poor Distribution of Medical Supplies